flowers and late afternoon shadows

We captured these images on a leisurely walk late yesterday afternoon.  It was a mildly warm day basking in the mid autumn sun.





We like the strawberry and vanilla color of the stucco in these images.  As well, the play of light and shadow is pleasing to the eye.




Another view.  This is not very far from the Pacific Ocean at about 37 3/4 degrees North latitude.




A final view in this series with an emphasis on shadow cast by flowering plant. Beauty in the ordinary.




Here is our second series of shots.  We present several pics of this flowering plant set against a background of bricks.  Note the shadow of the photographer in this view.




A closer view of the flowers and bricks in the low, late afternoon, autumn sun.




In this view, we can see thin shadows on the brick cast by the flowers and their stems.  The colors appear clear and crisp in this image.




In this next image, we have backed away a little to see a larger view.




A slightly different angle here.  This vibrant, flowering plant seemed to enchant us as we took the pics.




A closer view here of the base of the plant.  The interplay of light and shadow in the background seems to accentuate the beauty of the plant.




Our final shot at sidewalk level.




For our final series of shots, we see this flowering plant and the shadow it casts on the stucco wall behind it.




The shape of the shadow is rather suggestive to the imagination.




A science fiction type being glimpsed in the shadow?  Who can say?  The plant is flowering in the autumn.




copyright 2016 –

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