the left and anarchists fomenting civil war

Violent protests occurring nightly in several large US cities since the 2016 election – what does it mean?

In the past 2 years, we have seen ugly and destructive riots in the streets of many US cities when the Left does not get its way. It does not matter what the specifics are (or were).  Be these police actions, police investigations, trials, elections, whatever – the Left turns violent when it does not obtain its preferred outcomes.  The ugly face of the Left is its true face.



Make no mistake: the rule of law and our institutions are under relentless attack.  Our domestic enemies are a more formidable threat to our country than external foes currently are.  The Obama administration has actually lent its approval and encouragement to these riots via the corrupt, racialized policies of former Attorney General Eric Holder.  (Note Obama’s silence about these nightly protests and riots.)  The Left and its allies, the anarchists, are much like the Terminator.  A quote from that movie (1984) is descriptive of today’s Left in the US:  “That terminator is out there.  It can’t be bargained with, it can’t be reasoned with.  It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear, and it absolutely will not stop.  Ever.  Until you are dead.”

Like school yard bullies, no one stands up to these violent thugs in liberal bastions such as Chicago, Portland, Seattle and Oakland.  Democrat Party mayors often instruct the police to stand down or go easy on these violent protests.  And, we have seen black on white crime on display since the election did not go the Left’s way.  All we can say is that not all white folks are liberal and not all white folks suffer from so-called “white guilt”.  (We have previously written about the true causes of black rage.)  If the violence from the Left continues, we think it likely there will be a push back against it.  And, that is what the Left is hoping for.  A spiralling and escalating cycle of violence to drive the government to distraction.  A government forced to crack down on the violent Left will be vilified and de-legitimzed for doing so.  Take this seriously, folks.  The biggest mistake we can make is to think that it cannot happen here.

Will it come to running street battles in our cities reminiscent of Weimar Germany in the last few years of its existence?

The violence comes from the Left.  We can no longer avoid nor down play this unpleasant truth.

other related thoughts

Here is an example of how some of these protesters think.  (We have already written about contagious psychosis on this blog.)  The extremely biased local news media here in the San Francisco area gives much air time to these protesters.  What are they going to do going forward?  Some have said they will volunteer their time at Planned Parenthood.  If you can follow this illogic, I guess it goes something like this: “We are frustrated and outraged that our candidate, Clinton, lost the election.  To vent our frustration and channel our energies we will assist in abortions and that will make us feel good.”  Of course, many of us consider abortion to be very violent and if you see the pictures of the dismembered babies, it is hard to not reach that conclusion.

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