images at night

Out walking on Saturday evening after the rain ended, we captured these images.





Another view of this tree decorated with holiday lights.  Someone went to some effort to string all these lights on this tree.




Here we have walked beyond the tree and are tilting the camera upwards for this view.




The lighted tree seen further away.




A final look.




Several city blocks further along we came upon this house that caught our eye. Light and shadow are scattered across the garage door at this house (possibly from the lantern’s light hitting the raised metal in the nearby alarm box creating an interference pattern).




An interesting visual effect seen here: the iron gate is partly in light and partly in darkness.




Eerie lighting glimpsed beyond the iron gate in this view.  The very calm and quiet streets after the earlier storms combined with the dark night led us to move quickly on from this rather peculiar house.  We were not looking for any potential paranormal encounters this night.




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