words for the night

The night has a different texture than the day.  During autumn and winter, the nights are longer, sometimes even oppressively long.  Walking while immersed in the darkness can be a stimulating experience for some.



In the night

There is little light

The demons may bite

But we can fight

them in our minds

Our beliefs bind

us to our view of reality


Do we ever question this view?


The city sleeps

The night owl peeps

The clouds obscure the moon

Late night lovers swoon


Things happen in the night

Out of sight

That later come to light


non-rhyming verses

The night clings to us, engulfs us, swallows us

We are naked to the night

But if we have light within

We need not fear


We feel small in the darkness

Did you hear the call?

The solitary owl hoots

and acknowledges our presence


But consider the necessity of the night and of the darkness

Without the dark night, could we fully know the day?


In the dark of night, the wind caresses our face

In the solitude, in the freshness of the present moment

We lose our worries and for a brief instant

Experience a certain sweet freedom


As night to day

Death gives meaning to Life

Without death

Life would not be so special, so precious


We can remember many years ago walking in pitch black moonless nights (far from the city) before dawn while out hunting. The only light to guide our way was the flashlights we carried.  Shutting these off, we could not see our hands in front of our face. Such total darkness can be unnerving.  It is not that we fear the dark per se, but rather what may be lurking in the dark that we cannot see.  For some, superstitious, primal fears are accentuated or intensified by the darkness.  It may seem to some that spirits are around them in the dark.

A caution for those who do walk at night: much of the violent crime that occurs in our society happens late at night, especially after midnight in the “wee hours” of the morning.  It is better to walk earlier and avoid the problematic sections of your city. Walking with a friend reduces risk.  There are parts of the city I live in that I would not walk through at night even if I were “packing heat” (carrying a gun).

Now, we present a few images taken last night in the neighborhood.  A solitary lantern.




2.  The lantern is a lone sentinel on watch.  I am reminded of an old Hindu proverb: Of what use is a lantern to one who is blind?




3.  Now, a little further away.




4.  A final look.




copyright 2016 – larrysmusings.com

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