lessons from the election

Here are some thoughts that occurred to me in the days following the US presidential election.  Due to personal and collective burnout on politics, we are sharing these only now.

The mainstream media is the biggest loser.  Having shamelessly campaigned for the loser, Hillary Clinton, those in the media cannot expect any good will from Mr. Trump when he takes office.  They really out did themselves in the final weeks prior to election day, and their very low credibility with the public is now even lower and not likely to recover any time soon.  (In fact, Trump calling them out as the frauds they are served to energize his voters in the final days of the campaign.)  The lesson here is that the news media and journalists ought to stick with reporting the news and not try to shape the news.



Van Jones, a former Obama “tsar” (or czar), after whining about a so-called “whitelash” (as in backlash from white folks), says “let’s consider race”.  Hey Van, the people have been beaten over the head with race for the past 8 long years from a president that was supposed to be “post-racial” and would bring us into the promised land of racial harmony and true brotherhood. Obama’s Attorney General for his first six years was Eric Holder.  Remember Holder and how he did everything he could to make all events across the country into racial issues?  What you, Van Jones, cannot grasp is that Obama’s domestic policies have hurt black folks and white folks alike.  People voted for a change in these policies and against a 3rd term for Obama’s failed approach.  The lesson here is that people are rejecting a racialist and leftist approach to national governance as this divides us and does not solve the nation’s problems.

The dilemma for the Republicans is that they now must shrink government if they wish to remain in power.  They must actually solve some problems or the voters will vote them out in the next election.  Republicans, despite their campaign rhetoric in each election cycle, like big government.  Voters are growing impatient.  Lesson: If the Republicans go about governing as though it is business as usual in Washington, they will likely be turned out the next time around.  They have to deliver with some positive results now.

How will Trump, the outsider, work with those in his adopted party that are entrenched in Washington and are part of the problem?  This is key as the Republicans in both houses of Congress need to get on board with Trump to advance his agenda for the country.  The lesson here is that Senate Majority Leader McConnell (the current poster child for the status quo and for the establishment) is the biggest obstacle Trump faces, not the Democrats.

During the campaign at rallies for Donald Trump and in the several days and nights following election day, we saw the violence from the Left.  We have said this before, but some folks still don’t get it: The Left is violent.

And, lastly, what of Hillary Clinton?  What of her?  The lesson here is that if you are a poor sales person and are trying to sell a defective (bad) product, it is very difficult to be successful.

copyright 2016 – larrysmusings.com


  1. What has the progressive liberal left brought us (with the help of middle of the road conservatives)  – mass death and killing of our children, open borders, and levels of personal and national debt to drown the hopes and aspirations of all but the most wealthy. The people voted for the wrong choice because they have had enough; enough of the biased media, enough of the corrupt and selfish establishment – enough about the direction of death and national destruction that the progressive liberal left brought us.

    1. The ping pong back and forth elections in the US indicate that both major parties are corrupt and ineffective. Trump is a wild card and perhaps he can do some good.

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