recent pics of cat at rest

We were able to get some close up views of our cat while he was at rest last night.





These remaining images are presented in the order these were taken.  Here, we see Yoyo trying to bury his head in the blanket on the couch.




He likes to sleep on either Lucy’s or my lap when we are covered by blankets.




A little later, he is asleep as he has the entire sofa for himself.




A close up shot of the back of his head with his upright ears (always listening, always on guard).




Crouching right above him for this pic.




Here, I have moved around to the side and the cat has opened his eyes.  He is aware that I am nearby.




Another angle.




From very close and just above his head, we take this shot.




Easing back a little here.  He is fully aware of what is going on but does not feel threatened by my close proximity.




One sign of our cat’s overall good health is his nice, soft, clean coat of fur.  He is now a little past 2 1/2 years old.




Wanting to go back to sleep, he is still patient for the camera, and remains still.




He curls up some to resume his cat nap.




Another angle here.




Our final shot.  All in all, a good photo session.




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