downtown scenes: San Francisco in December

Multi-story tall reflections in the glass of these office towers make for an interesting view.  The street addresses for these steel and concrete giants are One California and 101 California Street in the financial district of San Francisco.





Another early afternoon view on Sunday, 11 December 2016.




For the next 3 images, let us take a look at the reflections in the glass of the rounded cylinder that is 101 California Street.




In this next view, we move the camera up somewhat from street level.




In this 3rd and final view, we get to see the cylinder or shaft shape of this San Francisco office tower.




Another view on this cold December day.




Standing in front of 101 California in the plaza, we get this view.




Looking at California Street.  One might say the heart of the financial district is where Montgomery Street intersects California Street (which is a few blocks up from the area seen here).




From the same plaza, we look back at 245 Market Street (built in the 1920s) seen between two office towers.




Looking up Sacramento Street, we see one of the Embarcadero Center buildings on the right.




Here we see the back side of the Hyatt Regency Hotel which fronts on Market Street.




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