If you or I strap down a cat or dog and then proceed with a wrench or industrial size pliers to rip or tear off its limbs and crush its skull, if found out, we would be arrested and prosecuted on various criminal charges in all 50 states of the USA.

Yet, what we just described above is done to very small human children in their mothers’ wombs each and every day throughout the US.  It is called abortion.  For the politically correct and the “progressive”, this grisly practice is called “a woman’s right”, or simply her “choice”.

Why do we allow this?



We refer interested readers to a relevant and insightful essay by a concerned woman.  Click on this link:

Enough with the endless abortion euphemisms


other related thoughts

An interesting human reaction or phenomena to be aware of is the behavior of some passersby at protests where large color photographs of the dismembered and mangled bodies of children killed through abortion are on display.  (And, no, these photographs are not fake as former abortionists have verified the photographs’ authenticity.)

When confronted with these uncensored, unfiltered images of the results of abortion, many people passing by will not look at the images.  These individuals either do not care or are consciously choosing to remain in a state of denial.

This is where (harsh) reality contradicts one’s ideology.  And, this poignant contradiction does cause cognitive dissonance in any who still have some humanity, in any persons who are not dead to the truth.

When we dehumanize our children so as to assuage our guilt for killing them, do we not also dehumanize ourselves?

The US likes to lecture the rest of the world on human rights.  One might opine that Americans ought to practice what they preach by respecting and protecting the lives of innocent human children in the womb.  But, for the politically correct progressives of today, abortion is a human right and needs to be promoted around the world.

One may also see posters that say “A woman’s first right is to be born.” – food for thought.

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