media and liberal meltdown over Trump

How refreshing indeed: A man who actually stands up to the fools in the media!

As actor Denzel Washington said not long ago, those in the media are only interested in being first to break “a story” and not interested in the truth (or lack thereof) of the hurriedly reported story.  In a desperate frenzy to discredit President-Elect Donald Trump before he takes office, the folks in the media are exposing themselves as the fools they really are.  Their guiding principle is now to run with and publish anything and everything that may serve to discredit and cast doubt on the man’s character, his judgement, and his past behavior.  The problem is that what is rushed to press, posted on their news websites and on social media is often not factually accurate.

We are seeing a meltdown of the “journalists” and opinion makers in the mainstream news media because they cannot come to terms with the fact that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost on November 8, 2016.  Their lack of judgement (and lack of integrity) is coupled with their lack of maturity and both are becoming plain to see even for those sympathetic to them and their liberal bias.

Hurray for Trump to stand up to them today in his news conference.



Liberal professors (both male and female) have been exposing themselves in the classroom and lecture hall more flagrantly since the election.  We have already indicted educators on this blog, but this warrants repeating here.  The purpose of education is to develop the critical and independent thinking skills of the pupils.  Education is not to be used to indoctrinate or brainwash students in the currently fashionable, leftist paradigm we know as political correctness (which includes identity politics, radical or gender feminism, “multiculturalism”, and Marxism).

As well, it is edifying to watch the current hearings in the US Senate on Trump’s nominees to fill various cabinet positions.  Listen to the Democrat senators when they question these nominees.  The unsubstantiated, the irrelevant and the inconsequential are what dominate their questioning.  One wonders how Booker and Blumenthal won their seats (in New Jersey and Connecticut respectively).

Obama filled his cabinet with hardcore ideologues who had very few constructive accomplishments out in the real world.  Trump has nominated several people who actually have proven successful track records in the real world (i.e. outside of government).  That is the difference between the 2 men. One was blinded by his obsession with his leftist ideology, and he proved to be a failure as president.  The incoming president is trying to put people in place that can actually get positive and constructive results and actually solve some of the pressing problems facing the nation.

parting shot

In closing I say this to the liberals: those who have watched liberalism destroy our nation over the past 50 years may feel your pain, but it is very hard for us to feel sympathy for you.

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  1. I think I figured out today what makes liberals so psychotic… they spend all their time watching Hollywood movies and TV sitcoms that they actually think this is the real world they are watching. When you show them facts that actually DO pertain to the real world, all they can do is give you a dumbfounded look like you’re from Mars. They can’t believe that you’re actually telling them the truth. They seem to all live in a make-believe fantasy world. They spend WAY to much time in front of their TV sets.

    1. Yes, good point. Thanks for your comment Stephen.

      I have heard people use the phrase “don’t bother me with the facts” to describe folks whose minds are fixed on a certain viewpoint or are closed entirely. Many people reject that which contradicts the views they hold to. It seems they invest themselves emotionally in their worldview and do not like anything which contradicts that worldview. Objectivity is sorely lacking in these people. Perhaps even the capacity for being objective and fully honest is absent in them.

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