on marriage: helpful essays for Christian wives

Recently, we found a little known blog that has several helpful essays for married persons.  The essays are written by a Christian woman for wives.  We share links (below) to 3 of the blog’s essays in the hope that these will help some readers.


heart in the open



This first linked post instructs the wife to respect and enjoy her husband’s sexual needs.  Here is a quote:  “A wife should not show disdain or put down her husband’s physical/sexual need.  Instead, out of love, value it so that her husband can reflect that same attitude towards her need for romance and communication.”

See this post here:

Need more romance?


This next linked essay contains some pretty good questions for the wife to ask her husband.  Communication between the spouses is very important to the quality of the marriage in all its aspects.

Click here:

WOW your husband


The final recommended post can be helpful to the wife who may be a little shy when it comes to initiating and fully enjoying sexual intimacy with her husband.  The wife can become sexually confident within her loving marriage.

Click on this link:

Seduce your husband


Feel free to forward these links on to any married people you know who may be interested in reading these posts.

other relevant thoughts

What about individuals who are single and searching for compatible persons? They need help and support, too.  Courting and finding a good spouse in these times is very difficult and perhaps can be likened to running through a mine field.  If any readers know of any helpful, constructive resources (Christian or not) for singles, please let us know.

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