The liberals’ greatest fear about Trump

. . . is that he will succeed and actually constructively solve some of the pressing problems the US faces.

If Trump and his administration do succeed in solving some of these significant problems, it may put the Left and liberals on the defensive for many years to come (and irritate the mainstream news media no end).

Think about it.  After 8 long years of President Obama, the economy never really recovered to the point that it created many good full-time jobs. Similarly, other issues did not improve.  Obama’s signature healthcare plan made healthcare unaffordable for millions of people.  Okay, we had a left-wing ideologue as president.  Now, it is time we have a man who has actual practical experience with successfully meeting challenges and solving problems.  Obama’s only real world experience was that of being a “community organizer” – whatever the hell that means.  Donald Trump has built up a major company over the years.  Pragmatic realism trumps left-wing, “progressive” ideology.

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  1. Totally agreed, Larry. The Left lives in la-la land, when it comes to actually solving problems. All they can do is whine about how miserable they are, and demand that other people they don’t know remedy that situation. Biggest bunch of crybabies ever – that’s the Left! Hopefully, they will shut up long enough to notice how getting off their ass and actually DOING something constructive themselves is the only way any problems ever get solved.

    Trump is leaving me slack-jawed at QUICKLY he is moving on any number of issues! I never dreamed we’d see a dynamo like this in the White House! He’s definitely a DOER, and not the TALKER that practically everyone else is Washington DC is. God bless him!

    1. Thanks Stephen for your comment.

      Yes, Trump is moving quickly on a wide range of issues. It is encouraging. When he get positive results, his approval numbers will rise. The Left will never stop fighting and that is why it is true that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

  2. I agree, the dems seem to be nothing more than organized obstructionists. The mission is to slow Trump down, I think they know they can’t stop him.
    Sometimes I think they don’t want the problems solved. After all, if it doesn’t slap them in the face and snatch their wallet it isn’t a problem.

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