an open letter to Mayor Ed Lee

Mayor Ed Lee, mayor of San Francisco:

“It’s in our DNA” – is what you said of San Francisco’s commitment to sheltering and giving sanctuary to illegal aliens who make it to San Francisco.

My question for you is this:  How will you make up the shortfall in the city’s operating budget each year when President Trump follows through on his promise to stop federal grant monies going to so-called sanctuary cities?



With a city budget of nearly $10 billion each year, how do you and the Board of Supervisors make good the loss of nearly $1 billion from the US Treasury each year?

Will you raise property taxes even higher?  These are already burdensome to small businesses and residents.  Will sales taxes be increased?  These, too, are very high.  Will municipal transit (“Muni”) riders have to pay more?  Will the cost of permits and fees go up to pay for your politically correct but unlawful stance?

Will you cut programs for the homeless, many of whom are citizens and in the city legally?

The point is that you, and many other mayors throughout the nation, are willfully disobeying federal law in this area of illegal immigration.  And, that comes at a cost to the rest of us.  You will be doing an injustice to the rest of us who will pay (financially) for your unlawful, feel good stance.


a blogger (who will remain anonymous) living in the Sunset District of San Francisco on behalf of those city residents who do not agree with the unlawful policies of the mayor and the Board of Supervisors.

copyright 2017 –

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