Such a male, being afraid of potentially offending others, is himself offensive in his cowardice.

Perhaps we ought not be surprised by the presence in our societies of so many men who are in their behavior nearly apologetic (or ashamed?) about being male.  The attacks on boys in the school systems of Western countries combined with the aggressive feminism, socialism, multiculturalism and political correctness in the culture these past few decades have taken a heavy toll on males.  I think white males have been more susceptible to harm than non-white males these past few decades as so-called “white privilege” has come under greater attack.


hetero pride 4



Certainly there is a psychological neutering of males going on in Western societies.  Masculine qualities are under suspicion if not out right ridiculed. And, feminists, educators and liberals are joined by some Christian church men, that under the guise of a distorted sexual morality, also attack married men’s healthy (and normal for the species) masculinity and sexuality.  (No, a wife within a loving marriage is not “objectified” by a husband who desires frequent sexual relations with her.)

These past few days we have seen protesters at major city airports across the US.  On the TV, we have seen middle-aged white men holding signs in protest. Some of these signs say “We are all Muslims” or “We are all immigrants”. Wrong!  The temporary ban on travel from 7 countries is not excluding most Muslims in the world.  Wrong again:  Many of us do not share the values (or lack thereof) of Muslims.  Islam is antithetical to the democratic values we hold dear in the West.  As well, we in the US are not all immigrants.  Most of us, of all colors, are children or grandchildren or even great-grandchildren of immigrants.

In Europe, where socialist thinking has been dominant for a longer period of time, the men will not or perhaps cannot even protect and defend their wives and daughters from being sexually assaulted by Muslim immigrants and refugees from North Africa and the Middle East.  (We have written on this before: a post Christian Europe is in danger of being Islamicized over the coming decades.)

These “men” provoke a visceral reaction in me from time to time.

My advice for men is not to be ashamed nor apologetic for being a man or being masculine.  While courting, seek out a woman who is not threatened by masculinity and is not carrying around with her any feminist anger (conscious or latent).  If you are having performance problems in the bedroom, there is no need to seek a testosterone shot from your doctor or to use some of these prescription hormone boosting supplements.  Stop doing what is not healthy and start doing what is healthy.  Lose the extra pounds, stop the recreational drug use, keep alcohol consumption moderate, get enough sleep, reduce stress, etc.  Start exercising regularly and eat healthier foods.  These steps can and do help.

My advice for caring and concerned parents is to take an active interest and play an active role in raising your sons.  Work to counter these anti-male messages they receive frequently.  Masculinity is not in opposition to strength of moral character.  As well, parents can teach their daughters to respect the male character traits and respect those men who exhibit these qualities.

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