You read that right.

Political correctness rules on campuses throughout the US.  It makes no difference if one is attending a private or a public university or college.

What happened at the University of California in Berkeley a few nights ago has, with less violence, happened on many college campuses around the nation for many years.  It is not really new.  David Horowitz, a former leftist turned conservative author and speaker, has spoken and written about his experiences visiting major universities to give speeches.  There were protests at many universities and there were instances where his speeches had to be cancelled.  The same is true for conservative author and speaker, Ann Coulter. Non-politically correct visitors to universities have to bring with them bodyguards.



In Berkeley, the invited speaker was Milo Yiannopoulos, an openly gay, Jewish libertarian conservative.  Apparently, this was just too much for those at Berkeley to endure.  Gays and Jews are not supposed to be conservative in their thinking, and if they are they best remain in the closet as to their political views.  Mr. Yiannopoulos was smeared as being a “Nazi” and a “white supremacist”.

At American universities and colleges these days, there is no free and open debate on the pressing issues of the day.  This is true in the classroom where arrogant tenured professors will bully any dissenters, and it is true in the auditoriums where those who dissent from the prevalent ideology are prevented from speaking by craven administrators.  Any dissent from the currently entrenched paradigm must be silenced by name calling, intimidation, shouting it down or, as we have seen, by violence and mayhem.

Early in this blog’s history, I wrote on the true purpose of education. Basically, the purpose of education is to develop critical thinking skills in students so they can become independent and critical thinkers.  Sadly, for many years now, the de facto purpose of higher education in the US has been to indoctrinate young minds in identity politics, multiculturalism, political correctness, Marxism and radical (or gender) feminism.  Perhaps, we could call this whole stew simply “cultural Marxism”.

Of course, if the true purpose of education were pursued on college campuses today, the Left would soon be on the defensive and lose much ground.  Why? Because young adults who actually could think critically and independently would soon see the harm of the Left’s agenda, and see the fallacies and errors of its ideological dogmas.

That is why the university administrators cave at the first sight of student protests of politically incorrect speakers.  Rather than institute a zero tolerance policy on violence and destruction of property, and allow free speech and open debate to occur, they instruct the campus police to “stand down” and let the violent anarchist thug cowards go on a rampage (an orgasm of destruction by emotionally infantile, non-thinking individuals).  They get the result they want.  Any voices telling of other possible views, other ways of thinking, are silenced.

President Trump, in one of his recent tweets, hinted at a question that we taxpayers ought to ask ourselves:  Should US taxpayers be funding (subsidizing) these public colleges and universities that are not protecting free speech, student safety and campus property from these liberal brown shirts running amok?

It is difficult to be optimistic about the future of our country when the universities and colleges keep turning out large numbers of people who really cannot think critically, and who also cannot peacefully and civilly interact with anyone who holds views different from theirs.  Tolerance anyone?

Just food for thought.

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