a Christian church in India

This is Sacred Heart Cathedral in New Delhi, India.  The picture was taken on 3 February 2017.





In this next photo, we see a sign in 2 languages pointing the way to the cathedral.  Our blog’s photographer is currently on assignment in India, and is sending some images back home each day.




The entrance gate to the cathedral grounds is seen here.  Even though India is a majority Hindu country with a large Muslim minority (mainly in the north), there are adherents of other religions in India (such as Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains).




A beautiful picture showing the cathedral and nearby trees.




A close up view of the facade of the cathedral – an impressive work of architecture.  Christianity was first introduced to India by St. Thomas (one of Jesus’ 12 apostles) in the first century A.D.  There are, however, some who dispute this.  (See link below for a relevant article online.)




Here is the link to a Times of India article:

St. Thomas in India

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