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It reads: “Stop Judicial Tyranny”.





I think there was a mistake in the US Constitution.  It was giving judges lifetime appointments to the federal judiciary.  We could have an independent judiciary if judges had term limits of say, 12 or fifteen years.

However, regardless of the length of their term on the bench, there is another problem that is sometimes overlooked.  Congress, made up of career politicians that fear being voted out of office, defers the hard or tough issues of the day to the courts.  Basically, the legislators are abdicating their responsibility to make the laws, even the difficult ones.

A question that has been often asked by others is: Why do we allow judges to be the final arbiters on what is permitted in society and what is not to be permitted?  Or, in other words, why do the judges have the final say?

(This is so in a de facto sense, not in a de jure sense.  Congress can actually limit the jurisdiction of the federal courts as to what issues they may or may not rule on.  But, Congress lacks the moral courage to do this.  The framers intended the Supreme Court to be the weakest of the 3 branches of the central government.  Checks and balances were put in place to check the sort of abuse of power and capriciousness we are seeing from the courts.  Regrettably, the checks and balances are only as good or as effective as the people in the other branches of government possess courage and integrity.)

We are losing our true rights and freedoms from out of control judges at all levels of the judiciary.  These black robed despots seek to impose their own views on society.  Forget interpreting the law – hell, do not even quote the law (as we saw recently with the 9th Circuit over Trump’s travel ban) – just dictate from the federal bench.  Read into the Constitution what you want to be in it.  Read out of the Constitution what you do not want and do not like. (Much of what the Supreme Court rules on should really be left up to the individual states (abortion, so-called gay marriage, etc.))  These unelected social engineers need to be stopped before they succeed further in destroying the social contract of the society and further demoralize the citizenry.

We really need to resist this judicial tyranny.

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  1. And….we need to push our state legislators to pass their version of Convention of States. It is the last chance and the only legitimate opportunity laid out by the founders to set things back on the right path. We could limit terms on both Congress and the judiciary, limit the power of the government to expand administratively, cut back on congressional perks and pay and etc. Msm will not cover the movement’s progress, but twelve states have passed bills and are on board so far.

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