Can Western Civilization survive?

Today, Western Civilization appears to have lost its identity, lost its soul.  It is under constant attack from many quarters.  By “western civilization”, we mean those ideas, values and traditions that have come down to us through history from ancient Greece and Rome and the rest of Europe and have been greatly shaped or influenced by Christianity.

Perhaps, our question could be rephrased as:  Can Western Civilization survive its current crisis of identity?  The crisis, the pressing existential drama, seems to be inexorably progressing towards a climax.





We, in the West, were not burdened by the ever inward looking, rigid Confucianism, nor by a decadent and corrupted caste system as in India. Fortunately, the destructive hordes of Islam never succeeded in capturing all or even most of Europe.  As well, the grandsons of Chingis Khan (Batu and Hulegu) stopped their conquests in eastern Europe and in southwest Asia in the 13th century.

It is our western civilization that placed a very high value on the individual and eventually gave us our authentic democratic values and the government charters that respect individual rights.  No other culture did this.  It was in the West, that women were first emancipated.  Has Western Civilization been perfect and without sin?  No, of course not.  But, it has given much to the world that is good.  Sadly, many of the citizens in Western societies do not appreciate our Western values very much these days.

We are constantly told by the Left and its sycophants that we live in a divided nation (the US).  But, why are we so divided?  Multiculturalism and obsessing on diversity, on differences destroys the social cohesion within society leading to a “balkanization” of the country.  Diversity without assimilation results in division.  People have to think of the greater good and larger group, the nation, but some groups cannot do this.  When one sees ongoing violence in the streets, we can say the civil society is fading fast.  Again in the US, note the angry, young blacks attacking white people after the election.  (And, blacks in the US often use the charge of “racism” to avoid honestly facing up to their community’s failings.)  In Europe, be it in Sweden these past few days, or in Germany or in France, we see Muslim immigrants or refugees assaulting, raping, and burning cars.  (It is no exaggeration to say that many Muslims want to Islamicize Europe.)  One wonders if mobocracy is coming.

Cultural Marxism is the catch-all term we can use to cover all the sources of attacks on Western Civilization and its values and institutions.  Cultural Marxism includes but is not limited to: the promotion of multiculturalism, the massive immigration into Western societies of non-Western peoples without assimilation (because the immigrants do not want to assimilate), socialism, Marxism, radical feminism (which draws much from the writings of Engels), the promotion of identity politics, “gender” studies, group think and perpetual victimhood by many in academia, the tolerance or even promotion of militant Islam, and attacks on Christianity.

Christians who home school their children in an attempt to protect them from the toxic ideas currently fashionable in the public schools make a great sacrifice to do so.  Then, when their children go away to college, they lose their Christian values within a couple of semesters as they cannot resist the peer pressure they encounter and the professors contemptuous of their values.

Obama – the failed demigod who was going to “transform” the nation by way of polarizing the nation more than past presidents – is really symptomatic of the malaise our culture is suffering.  That so many people rallied to and believed this Pied Piper is deeply troubling.

As to the question of the survival of Western Civilization, it would take many millions of individuals throughout the various Western nations recognizing the seriousness of the threats and committing to act against these threats on a sustained basis for the rest of their lives, and encouraging others to do so, to save Western Civilization.  The hour is late and the attacks are ongoing.  It does not appear that people will act in sufficient numbers and with sufficient commitment anytime soon.

So what?  Does this matter?

It depends upon your point of view or your state of mind.

If you are a white liberal, multiculturalist (perhaps these people could be termed “self-hating” whites), then the passing of what is good in Western civilization will not bother you.  But, it is ironic that if the values we have taken for granted for generations (such as the dignity of the individual, free and open inquiry, tolerance of dissenting views, property rights, freedom of religion, etc.) are lost, life will be significantly more dismal for all, not brighter as the mob in the streets would have us believe.  What do we see today in America?  A very intolerant, increasingly brazen and violent mob made up of Leftists, anarchists, atheists, unassimilated non-Western immigrants (many here illegally, and some of whom are Muslims), paid “protesters”, frightened gays and lesbians, and disaffected youth.  The mob has powerful allies entrenched in government at all levels, in the news media, and in academia.  In socialist, post Christian Europe, we see Muslim immigrant youths committing many crimes while government authorities are paralyzed to inaction by politically correct thinking.

The enemies of our civilization and its values have shown their collective ugly face and it ought to strike a healthy fear into us.

A footnote to the first paragraph above:  It is undeniable that Western Civilization has been influenced, even shaped by Christianity over the past nearly 2,000 years (beginning in the ancient Mediterranean world and spreading throughout the rest of Europe over several centuries).  This may be unpalatable to various neo-pagans, but it is historical fact.


* * * * *  Caution: From here onward, reader discretion is advised.  * * * * *

other related thoughts

The racial question

An interesting question arises: Can western values and institutions be carried on, perpetuated by non-Western peoples, more specifically by non-white peoples?

Only time will tell.  However, the non-white peoples of the world, as yet, do not have a track record of having done so.  India, independent of Britain now for 70 years, does have a functioning democracy (even with some corruption), and shows some promise.  As well, Japan is in many ways a Western nation now.

Demographically, the white peoples of the world are in decline in both absolute terms and in relative terms when compared to the world’s population.  This is no secret.  European nations’ childbearing (or fertility) is far below replacement levels in every country, and has been so for some years now.  It is a similar situation in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and not much better in the US.  Why are most white, or Caucasian, couples having so few children?  Certainly, no one is preventing them from having more children.  Thus, the above question as to non-white peoples preserving Western values is not an idle one.

The Jewish factor

Editorial note: We believe that no group should be above legitimate criticism (after all, we are social critics at this blog).  Such objective, dispassionate critique is not “anti-Semitism”.

No discussion of this topic would approach being comprehensive without at least touching on the role that some Jews have played in the ongoing attacks on the values of Western Civilization.  Note: While it is certainly true that not all Jewish people are radicals, or enemies of Western Civilization, it is equally true that a number of influential Jews have been and are currently working to undermine it.  Jews are a socially aggressive people, and they often spearhead change within the host societies in which they live.  (We have written on this before, notably in our essay last summer: Anti-Semitism: Do Some Jews Provoke It?)

Radical atheist Jews who strive to bring about radical changes within society are called “non-Jewish” Jews by other Jews.  And, indeed, these individuals are of Jewish ancestry, even if they do not adhere to Judaism.  (We tend to prefer the sense of ancestry or ethnicity, and not religion, when we use the term, Jew(s).)  But whether these Jewish persons are atheist or follow the chauvinism found in the Talmud, many do work to undermine our Western values and institutions.  Many of the early Bolshevik leaders (actually most of the top leaders) were ethnic Jews.  Marx, the grandson of a rabbi and who drew his ideas from the French Revolution, was the father of communism, which is antithetical to the values of the West.  The infamous Jewish billionaire, George Soros funds many groups that are acting to subvert the rule of law in Western countries.  As well, consider the outspoken, aggressive liberal Jews in Congress and on the US Supreme Court (currently 3 of the 8 sitting justices are Jews) and their political agenda.

Some will blame the Jews for many of society’s ills, but the actions of radical Jews cannot fully account for the crisis in Western societies today.  White people (of European ancestry) themselves have failed to resist and counter the corrosive effects of socialism, multiculturalism, identity politics, and radical feminism.  Incredibly, immigration without assimilation continues unabated from non-Western nations.  White liberals and the apathy of many white folks are serious threats.

A few words on Christian Zionists and eschatological Christians (those who are hoping to help bring about the “end times” or “the rapture”).  Due to a bastardized interpretation of the Christian Scriptures, some Christians believe they must support and defend Zionist Israel in any and all circumstances.  As well, in these circles anyone who is Jewish is above objective critique.  These types of Christians often serve as “useful idiots”* for Jews who do not share their Christian values.

* Lenin’s term.

Now, we move on to other topics.

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  1. Wow, this is very well written. Thanks for having the guts to actually identify some of the issues contributing to the decline of Western Civilization (WC). Your “reader caution” is actually dispiriting. I understand why it’s there (I would have also felt the need to include it), but the fact that in order to delve into some of the issues and problems confronting WC we need to pussyfoot (sorry, couldn’t help it…just want to remind people that there is another meaning for the word “pussy”) around those with hypersensitivities is itself a ramification of the decline. And, that hesitation to unflinchingly confront issues permeates and contaminates our science, education, culture, and even economics.
    I take issue with the assertion that white liberal multiculturalists won’t be bothered by the passing of what is good in WC. Such a passing would be tumultuous and possibly anarchic. The intelligentsia won’t stand a chance in such an environment. They are not a resilient bunch. Look at their reactions to the election of Trump.
    Thanks again for a thoughtful article.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

      White liberals will be adversely affected, yes, but many of these folks are so ideological they cannot recognize the truth. By many measures, things have gotten worse in the US and Europe over the past 50 years, but there are those who are in a state of denial and cannot see how very destructive the liberal agenda has been. When people invest heavily of themselves emotionally in something, it is very difficult for them to be objective about that something.

      You are quite correct that the fact that we cannot openly address various topics is a sign of our decline.

  2. I forgot one thing…

    In your post “individual actions and collective effects,” you describe pressure groups as “some of whom are selfish hedonists who do not seem to be fully mature adults.” You are exactly correct, and that is the reason why they would not easily survive a collapse of Western Culture.

    1. Yes. As the late Ralph M. Townsend (d. 1975) remarked, the 2 most important things in a crisis are intelligence and character. Today, these are sorely lacking in many people.

  3. I am a Christian and hail from India. Western Civilization became what it was, because of the Christian worldview, and as it grew prosperous, people denied God and loved their sin more. Now it has become what it is now, because of it’s departure from true Christianity and an embrace of all kinds of falsehood. Without the Groom, there is no wedding. Without Christ, there is no Truth. Now what I see is, people lamenting the departure of values, prosperity and peace. I wish they had lamented when they had turned their backs on Christ. This is the condition of all humanity irrespective of race, culture, language and nationality. And I don’t expect an Utopia in this fallen world – as it ebbs and flows. But I wait as a citizen of the Kingdom of the Lord, for his promised and much awaited return!

    1. Thank you Risa for your comment. You make a good point. I think it was de Tocqueville that said in the 1840s that America was great because America was good, or something to that effect. Western Civilization is made up of various threads. We must not overlook the rationalist thinking of ancient, pagan Greece as influencing it. But, Christianity shaped Western Civilization to a great degree, that is undeniable. And, yes, I often refer to Europe today as “post-Christian Europe” because most Europeans have turned away from a true practice of Christianity.

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