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This carved face resembles the Greys of UFO and alien lore.  This piece is in the section on art of the Americas (Alaska) in the de Young Museum in San Francisco.  We spent an enjoyable afternoon this past Sunday in this art museum.





A human wearing a mask or possessed of an outsized head here.




Another interesting work here.  Note what appear to be the horns of a musk ox resting on the figure’s head.




Carved dancers.




Modern art seen in this next photo.




A lingam in modern American art.  This symbol of divine generative energy originated in India.  However, in a contemporary American context, it could be viewed as a phallic symbol and be suggestive of sex or sexuality.




A happy visitor to the museum.




We are not sure now, but this next carving may have been in the section on New Guinea (where there were many large carved pieces).




A little later, we saw this large carving of a man.




Now to the art of Africa on display.  This looks like a double-sided ax head stylized in the shape of crow’s wings.  However, it may have been worn on the head during ceremonies or rituals.




A large carving in the shape of an Ibis or similar bird.




A mother with child seen here.




We enjoyed the carved works of art more than the paintings on display.  But, we include a couple of examples of paintings now.  When I gazed at this painting for a few moments, it seemed to me, subjectively, that the water or the waves seemed to ripple a little – an interesting optical effect that the artist was able to produce or convey.




This painting, Mary – Refuge of Sinners, was in the section on art of the Americas, and is from early 18th century Peru (then a Spanish New World colony).




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