some views looking down

From the observation deck of the de Young Museum, we captured these images.





Here we see the area between the museum and the California Academy of Science in the distance.




The Academy of Science is in the foreground of this next photo.  UCSF is further back and up the hill in the distance.  Sutro Tower is furthest away and highest up in this shot.




Looking to the east on this cloudy afternoon (26 Feb 2017), we can barely see some of the tallest buildings in the downtown area in the far distance.




Now, looking north to the Richmond District of San Francisco, we see the trees of the park in the foreground.




Panning the camera downwards and zooming in, we capture this shot.




Trees obscure the roadway below.




Another view.  (The metal floor of the observation deck protrudes beyond the glass and is seen in this shot.)




Another look towards the northwest.  The hills of Marin County are in the distance beyond the water.




Now, tilting the camera up and zooming in a little, we get this image.




An interesting view here of residential dwellings, trees, water and distant hills.




Walking back home, late in the afternoon, we look back at this tree waiting for the Spring.




Another view.




Approaching a major street, and looking west, we see these trees.




Leaving the park, we take this final shot of the traffic and the trees.




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