possible permutations of personality

There is an idea that we as individuals may be a part of a larger conscious entity that is simultaneously living multiple lives in different realities, or on different planes of existence or different dimensions.  This raises the possibility of multiple versions or editions of ourselves.  One may wonder what the purpose of such multiple lives might be.  Perhaps the more rapid harvesting of the lessons gained from diverse experiences for the “over mind” is the purpose.



Of course, we cannot test such a hypothesis with our physical sciences that are limited to the physical universe that we currently reside in.  But, it is an intriguing idea.  What if there were or are other permutations of ourselves living right now contemporaneously with ourselves but in other worlds or other dimensions?  I can only hope that if there are other versions of myself that they would have been better at living, and more successful at constructively meeting challenges.

Another aspect to this idea is what it hints at about individual consciousness.  Are we just sparks of a larger light?  And, do we ultimately return to the larger light (or higher consciousness) and merge or join with it?  Or, are we forever separate and distinct sparks of consciousness?

This is not a new idea.  (A Tibetan writer back in the 1960s addressed it and he was referring to an already established concept or belief.)

The Heaven and Hell of Semitic religion is not the only “answer” that humans have believed in.  In the Vedic philosophy of India, the individual souls (ourselves) are believed to be parts of the marginal energy of Lord Krishna.  As such, our souls can live in the material universe in a material body, or can ultimately be united with God in His abode in the spiritual universe.  The idea seems to be that we, our souls, are tiny particles of God.  And, God has a supremely transcendent personality.

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  1. I like it.

    “Starlight asked Non-Entity, ‘Master, do you exist or do you not exist?’ He got no answer to his question, however…” Chuang Tse: XXII

    Existence is always a mystery and that’s as it should be. To answer everything would bring life into the mundane, destroying its glittering multiplicity.

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