we need strong families

We need strong families in these times of social decay and societal fragmentation.  The threats to our children are many and diverse in our toxic culture.  Parents need to protect their children.

Strong families, intact marriages, 2 parent households are necessary for a harmonious society.  (As we have blogged in the past: the purpose of sexual morality is to protect and promote stable marriages and thus stable families.)



There are moral absolutes.  Notwithstanding the insanity of the current and ruling politically correct paradigm, there are moral absolutes.  The multicultural madness makes excuses for those among us who consciously choose to not live by civilized codes of conduct.  Gunning people down in the streets because you hate white people is wrong.  Identity politics does not and cannot make murder to not be murder.  (We have a current example in Fresno, CA to ponder.)  We have a natural right, a God-given right and responsibility to defend our loved ones and ourselves and all innocent people from murderous individuals and groups.

Parents need to teach their children right from wrong.  Quaint idea, that?!  Parents need to take an active role in the formation of their children’s character.  We cannot rely on the churches to do this for us.  The Christian churches (in the US) are sowing so much confusion and many are rationalizing destructive, sinful behaviors and actions because the pastors and priests are too cowardly to condemn these behaviors.  (Indeed, some of these churchmen are involved in some of these destructive, sinful behaviors.)

Consider that up through the 1950s most black children (in the US) were being raised in 2 parent households.  Look at the violent crime statistics from the period and compare these to today’s crime statistics (available online from the FBI).  This nonsensical myth put out by the feminists that a husband/father in the home is not needed for child rearing contravenes human nature, common sense, and human experience.  I am compelled to conclude that the hormonal birth control pills that American women take are screwing with their brains.  As these pills alter the woman’s blood chemistry, these no doubt do affect the brain.

This is such an important concern that we have written on it in the past.  The below linked post is worth a read.

the importance of strong families

Encourage parents you know and help them to make and keep their families strong.

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