quashing dissent by accusations of sexual harassment, racism, and anti-Semitism

Conservative TV personality, Sean Hannity, was recently accused of sexual harassment.  Such accusations against conservatives who are pubic figures is not new.  We can remember Anita Hill’s spurious accusations against Clarence Thomas in September 1991.  Her tale kept morphing each time she retold it.  Candidate Donald Trump effectively silenced these type accusations last October when he said his accusers would be sued in court for these false and damaging (libelous and slanderous) claims.  The resulting silence from his many accusers was deafening as they say.  When faced with possible serious consequences, those who are willing to lie and smear often have second thoughts.  Mr. Hannity, to his credit, is taking the offense (the best form of defense) here by assembling a top-notch legal team to sue false accusers.  His accuser of this past weekend is now walking back her story.

Any and all who dare to oppose the current liberal mindset and the liberal agenda in the US are subject to being accused falsely to discredit their opinions, convictions and arguments, and ultimately to being silenced by being publicly disgraced.

Let’s take a step back and consider:  What does this say about the level and quality of discourse in our free society?




It is not a healthy condition when any critique of, or proposed approach to solving societal problems can be shouted down and shut down by labelling, really smearing those with whom you disagree as being “racists”, or “anti- Semitic” or “sexist” or “homophobic” or “Islamophobic”, etc.  Open discussion of many of the pressing problems or challenges in our society is being greatly restricted by the tactics of bullying people into silence or irrelevance.  Thus, the only approaches that are seriously considered by many folks are those from the Left and which have largely failed to deliver on their lofty “progressive” promise these past 100 years.

If you try to point out the negative aspects of radical (or gender) feminism and the harm done by the excesses of such feminism, you can be smeared and discredited as being sexist and/or misogynist.  If you do not support unlimited abortion “rights” for women, or fail to pander to militant lesbians, you will be attacked, and possibly accused of sexual harassment.

If you point out that the lack of family formation, the high dropout rate from school, the drug use, the out-of-wedlock births, etc, in the black community are major problems that black people themselves need to work on fixing, you will be shouted down as being racist.  (As well, you cannot even point out the abject failure of the welfare state these past 50 years without being called racist.)

As to anti-Semitism, this term really has come to mean anyone whom the Jews hate.  Criticism of Jews must be motivated by hate.  When a Jewish individual dares to criticize other Jews, or any Jewish organizations, or the state of Israel, that criticism is stemming from hatred of Jews.  Such a critic is smeared as being a “self hating Jew”.  Need we say more?

Of course, the reason these charges or smears can be so effective is that: 1. these are widely repeated by a compliant and corrupt news media in the country, and 2. accusations of such politically incorrect offenses carry the presumption of guilt rather than innocence for the accused.

other related thoughts

Legitimate criticism however constructive and open debate are being stifled if these are directed at or offend any perpetual victim groups or individuals.  We see this constantly on the campuses of American colleges and universities.  Thanks to tenured leftist radical professors the only speech that is free on campus today is that which supports the currently entrenched leftist or cultural Marxist paradigm.  Cultural Marxism is an umbrella term which includes all the destructive movements of the 20th century such as socialism, communism, radical feminism, identity politics, so-called gender studies, etc.  Hedonism, secular humanism, atheism, and moral nihilism also help to further the harm that cultural Marxism does to Western Civilization.

For many years, I worked in various office environments in different industries.  I did see some reverse sexual harassment committed by women against men on various occasions and in various circumstances.  If we buy into the feminist dialectic, this cannot be so as women, a perpetual victim class, cannot be culpable of such terrible behavior.

Where can folks like me go to escape this “politically correct” cultural Marxism?  Perhaps I can brush up on my high school Espanol and move to Paraguay.  Or, alternatively, we could purchase some small acreage on a tropical island in the Indian Ocean and adopt a much simpler lifestyle.

All long standing western nations are currently infected with this disease of cultural Marxism.  Where is the cure?

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