book review: the work of all ages

We recently finished reading The Work of All Ages – The Ongoing Plot to Rule the World from Biblical Times to the Present, by Peter Christian, published by The Barnes Review (2010), softcover, 230 pages.

Here now is our review of this “controversial” book, lengthy of necessity.





The book claims to be a short history of the Jewish people “from the days of Abraham to the present”.  Along the way, the author shows us how the Jews (ancient Hebrews, then Israelites, then Judeans, etc.) have interacted with and treated their non-Jewish neighbors and how they have gained advantage for their religio-ethnic group normally at the expense of those neighbors.  The principal reason for the Jews’ chauvinism and ethnocentric feelings of superiority lies in the idea of their “choseness” in God’s eyes which is found in the earliest books of the Old Testament.  This religio-ethnic chauvinism was greatly strengthened in the Talmud centuries later.  Their group “unity in dispersion” across many lands and nations allows them to have influence over international events.  The Jews have been involved in and been the movers behind the scenes in every significant revolution in the Western world since the end of the Middle Ages.  They aided Protestants during the Reformation as they hate the Roman Catholic Church.  Their intelligence network in England aided Henry VIII in his defeat of Catholics after he broke with Rome.

In recent centuries, with the great increase in their financial power (starting with the Rothschilds’ banking empire in the 1700s and the subsequent rise of other affiliated Jewish banking houses), the Jews have had a clear aim and plan to gain control of the world.  In the late 1700s, Jews financed the Illuminati and infiltrated Free Masonry in order to undermine and eventually destroy Christianity.  The French Revolution reached its grotesque and bizarre excesses largely because of the pressures from these secret groups acting behind the scenes.  The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (from 1897) are given at length in a chapter on these.  Communism and Zionism are and have been 2 movements controlled by Jews to destroy Western Civilization as we have known it.  The ultimate goal is Jewish world control achieved by demoralising the peoples of the world through what can be termed cultural Marxism (communism, sexual revolution and licentiousness, radical or gender feminism, multiculturalism, unrestricted immigration, identity politics, atheism, secular humanism, moral nihilism, political correctness, destruction of marriage and the nuclear family, and promotion of homosexuality and bisexuality).  Disproportionate Jewish control of the news media (through ownership of and holding executive positions in major TV news networks and major newspapers), control of many book publishing companies, and similar control of Hollywood and the entertainment industry helps the Jews to promote this cultural Marxism and related Leftist politics.  As well, Jewish interests and organizations are the largest financial donors to political campaigns, and thus have great political influence in the US.

Jewish mystical and messianic cults/movements are also touched on, namely, Kabbalah and the Sabbateans.

the pros or positives

The book is written in an easy to read and easy to understand prose.  You won’t need a dictionary nearby to decipher big words.  The book brings together in 33 short chapters a wealth of information and historical perspective that is not found in many other works easily available to the public.  The author’s work is rather comprehensive in nature, even though the book is not very long in page count.

the cons or negatives

There is no annotation for the author’s statements and assertions.  Chapter and verse are given for quotes from or references to the Old Testament of the Bible.  But, verses from the Talmud are not so specifically identified.  Books written by various Jews over the centuries are mentioned but no modern editions of these are referenced as sources.  The Protocols are included at length in one chapter but without indicating where (which published source) these come from.

Albeit the interested and motivated reader can find much support in other sources online and in other books for most of the material in this book, this lack of supporting footnotes and readily available external references can cause doubt in many readers’ minds as to the truth and accuracy of the author’s statements.  The book is challenging, yes, in that it forces us to re-evaluate what we thought we knew of the Jewish people and their actions in the world.  But that challenge can serve as a catalyst for the reader to do further research on his/her own, and give further personal reflection to the subject.

People who are unfamiliar with this subject (of Jewish power and influence over modern history) may be uncomfortable with and skeptical about the revelations in the book.  As such, some readers may rather quickly dismiss the book as a product of “anti-Semitism”.  Yet, it is often the case that we really only learn something substantive, we only grasp important truths, when we step out of our mental and psychological comfort zones and broaden our perspective.  (The author is not asserting that all Jews are actively working for the goal of Jewish control of the world, but that many are and non-Jews need to be aware of this and work to counter this subversive threat.)

relevant quotes from the book

As the former prime minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, said to his people on October 3, 2001, “We, the Jewish People, control America and the Americans know it.” – from page 7.  (Note this was just weeks after the terror attacks of 11 Sept. 2001.)

Was this a Freudian slip of the tongue, or was it arrogant bragging?

As to the Protocols that have been called forgeries in the attempt to discredit these, the author has this to say:

The most convincing proof of the authenticity of the Protocols is that they describe what actually happened in the past and what is actually happening in the world today.  – page 134, emphasis in original.

So much of what is in the Protocols has come to pass in the past 120 years since these were forged – if these are forgeries – that it leads us to conclude that the forger(s) were very prescient individuals indeed.

As to the governing book of modern Judaism, the Talmud, we read this:

One of the basic premises of the Talmud is that the Jews are the superior race, while Gentiles are sub-human, little better than animals.  Rabbi Shimon ben Yohai said, “Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed.”  If it is all right to kill Gentiles, then any manner of lesser offenses is permissible.  The Talmud teaches that it is all right to cheat, rob, rape, lie to, or enslave Gentiles.  Of course there are limits to this.  Most Jews live in countries where crimes, especially murder, will bring punishment of the offenders, so such crimes are to be avoided unless one can get away with it.  – from page 57.

It is not permissible to do these same things to other Jews.  Thus we can see that there are 2 very different sets of ethics that govern the behavior of Jews.

The author also gives many of the brief passages from the Talmud that are viciously and vulgarly anti-Christ and anti-Christian.  As we have addressed these offensive, anti-Christian passages in a much earlier post on this blog, we will not repeat these here.  We will note that the Jews have not repudiated these vile and hateful passages of the Talmud.  These remain in the Talmud today.

As to the Order of The Illuminati (financed by the Jews in the late 1700s), we read of its goals on page 100:

The organization had several basic goals:

  • The destruction of Christianity and all monarchies.
  • The destruction of nations in favor of internationalism.
  • The discouragement of national patriotism in favor of universal brotherhood.
  • The abolition of family ties and marriage.
  • The suppression of private property rights and inheritance.

Sounds much like the communism that was to come later.

In discussing the Sabbateans, the most extreme group within world Jewry, the author tells us that:

To accomplish their agenda, they corrupt and undermine others’ race, religion, nation and family.  Their program includes sexual liberation, sexual promiscuity, interracial sex, independence for women, adultery, incest, internationalism and cultural diversity. – page 109.

The author informs us that many Jews hate the extreme Sabbateans, and that these extremists are only a very small percentage of the Jewish population.

This next quote gives Americans some insight as to how and why the US changed so dramatically in the 20th century.  There is no denying the Jewish factor (see our analysis below).  On page 131, we read:

Many Jews left the Pale of Settlement, due to persecution by the Russians.  Some went to Palestine, but the largest number by far went to the United States.  In 1877, America was home to 230,000 Jews.  By 1926, the number had increased to 4,500,000.

It should be pointed out that the reasons for the persecutions of Jews in Tsarist Russia had a lot to do with the incessant revolutionary activity of some Jews within Russia since the 1850s.  Such activity included assassinations of officials and even one Tsar, Alexander II, in March, 1881 (he had emancipated the serfs in the 1860s).  The Bolsheviks murdered the last Tsar, Nicholas II and his family in July, 1918.

In the chapter, Gaining Control of American Culture, we read of the Jewish infiltration of American law schools and courts, their inventing the field of psychology, and their creation of the Institute for Social Research also known as the Frankfurt School.  (When Hitler came to power in Germany, the Jews in this subversive institute fled to New York City.)  One sentence rings poignantly true in my mind from this chapter as it is even more true today than more than one hundred years ago.  We are being worn down or worn out by constantly fighting among ourselves as the elite power brokers work ceaselessly to seize power.

. . . . The idea is to sow confusion by conflicting ideas in order to wear everyone out. – page 175.

Let’s look at the approach given by those in the Frankfurt School.

Another Jewish invention was the Institute for Social Research, also known as the Frankfurt School, which was organized in 1923 in Frankfurt, Germany, to promote the plan for world domination by gaining control of the culture of the nations. . . . They developed critical theory to destroy Western culture – bringing existing society down by means of unremitting destructive criticism.  When Hitler came to power in Germany, the school moved to New York and changed its name to the New School for Social Research.  Its members included many people in the social sciences . . . . – page 175, emphasis mine.

Today, we see and hear unremitting destructive criticism in academia, in the movies and in the news media of traditional Christian values and traditional American culture and values.

Our final quote and from the same chapter is very telling indeed as we now have the benefit of hindsight.  Every tyranny attacks the family and turns its members against each other.  This reaches grotesque and hard to believe extremes under totalitarian regimes.  On page 177, we read:

One of the best ways to weaken a country is to encourage the break-up of the family unit.  To this end, Jews support secular humanism, interracial marriages, abortion, gay rights, same-sex marriages, and sexual liberation.  They support child protective services, which allow children to be taken from their parents for a variety of reasons.

The state’s power prevails over parental rights.

This chapter also notes that Jews were prominent in the folk music of the 1960s which was a time of social revolution.

It is left to the reader to form his or her own conclusions about the Jewish drive for control of the world.  But, please do not allow the charge of “anti-Semitism” to direct, control or curtail your thinking and your independent reflections on this subject.

where to find it

Surprisingly, this title was not among the “controversial” books recently struck from the shelves of Amazon and its affiliated marketplace sellers.

see the book on amazon

Or, visit the publisher’s website, The Barnes Review.  (To help out this small publisher, I purchased my copy direct from them.  TBR is currently being attacked by the enemies of free speech and free thought who wish to shut it down and make revisionist works more difficult to obtain.)

see this book at The Barnes Review website


my thoughts and analysis

Before dismissing the thesis of the book out of hand and shouting “anti-Semitism”, stop to consider the following.

For the student of modern Western history, there does appear to be a common thread running through all the revolutionary movements of the past few centuries.  One of the goals was to attack and undermine Christianity.  We can see this in the excesses of the French Revolution.  Again, with the Jewish Bolsheviks, we get the first officially atheistic state, the Soviet Union.  (Communism was largely a Jewish controlled movement even outside of Russia.  Consider the murderous, but thankfully short-lived, regime of Bela Kun in Hungary in 1919, and the Jewish communist revolutionaries in Germany in 1918 – 1919: Rosa Luxemburg (Spartakus League), and Eugene Levine in Berlin, and Kurt Eisner and others in Bavaria.  It was not the case that every Jew was a communist, but rather that the majority of communist revolutionary leaders and communist government leaders when they seized power were ethnic Jews.)  During the Spanish Civil War, the anarchists and the communists committed atrocities against Catholic clergy.  All this does seem to be an attempt to dethrone God and undermine respect for traditional morality.  If you consider how murderous of their own citizens the totalitarian communist regimes of the 20th century were, we can understand how these regimes wanted to banish God as they wanted no condemnations of their actions from people appealing to a higher moral authority than the State.

(Actually, communism was the cynical vehicle used by the Jews to gain power by seducing the masses into supporting them during revolutions.  Once in power, one of the first things they did was to disarm the citizenry lest they be overthrown in turn.  Few leading communists believed in the idealist “promise” of communism to deliver a classless society, a worker’s paradise.  As the author points out in the book, Soviet Russia was the first country in more than 2,000 years where the machinery of government was controlled by Jews.  The hellish result was tens of millions of Christians dead in the first few decades of their rule (from revolution, civil war, induced famine in the Ukraine, the gulag system and Stalin’s murderous, frenzied purges in the 1930s).)

As well, there does seem to be an unseen hand guiding or directing many of the major crises and confrontations and revolutionary movements in the Western world.  There are too many “coincidences” for these all to be mere coincidences.  The book pointed out the Jewish control or major influence over secret societies (Free Masonry and the Illuminati).  We must point out the British Balfour Declaration in 1917 whereby World Jewry got the US into World War One.  The outcome of World War One, with its unjust punitive peace, led to World War Two.  In 1933, World Jewry declared its economic war on Germany by promoting a boycott of all German goods in all overseas markets.  (This is not widely known as it is not in the history text books.)  This was an act of war on Germany as without export earnings Germany could not feed its citizens.  One cannot overlook nor trivialize the financial power of the Jewish controlled banking empires (the largest of which is that of the Rothschilds).  Whereas in the past, religion was used to control people, in the modern era money is used to control people.

We might say that much of what we read in the history texts in school is propaganda and thus pseudo or “fake” history.  One of the 3 forms of a lie is to bury or suppress the truth.  Is that not what we see in official history when important facts are hidden and not disclosed?  (The other 2 forms of a lie are making outright false statements, and trafficking in half-truths.)  We see this pseudo history in the accounts we are given of World War II where atrocities and outrages committed by the Western Allies and the Soviets are minimized, trivialized or ignored, and Axis crimes (especially if committed by the Germans) are greatly distorted and exaggerated.  (We have previously dealt with these WW II topics on this blog.)

In the book, the author points out Mayer (Meyer) Amschel Bauer’s (founder of the Jewish Rothschild banking empire) goal of controlling the nations of the world by controlling money (pages 93 – 96) .  He then went on to finance the Illuminati and had Jews infiltrate Free Masonry.

US foreign policy has long been influenced by Jews.  The US foreign policy in the Middle East serves the interests of Israel and not the interests of the United States.  Jewish “neocons” (Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol, and others) made certain that George W. Bush would invade Iraq in 2003.  Going further back in time, we see FDR’s Jewish Secretary of the Treasury, Morgenthau, and his plan for Germany after the war ended in 1945.  The Morgenthau Plan was vicious and reflected a fanatical hatred of the German people (it called for the de-industrialization of Germany that would turn the Germans into agrarian serfs as in the Middle Ages).  Not widely known are the criminal actions of the Allies late in the war and after the end of hostilities (see the works of James Bacque: Other Losses, and Crimes and Mercies).

We have previously noted on this blog that many of the leading social revolutionaries of the 1960s in the US were ethnic Jews.  Saul Alinsky, Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman were 3 notable Jewish revolutionaries from that period.  As well, equity feminism was hijacked in the 1960s by such Jewish notables as Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem (half Jewish), and Betty Friedan and is now correctly labelled radical or gender feminism.  The revolutionary spirit of some Jews leads them to assist and push forward the Jewish plan for world control even if these revolutionary individuals are not themselves part of the cabal of elite plotters.  Today, there are 3 radical judicial activists, social engineers, revolutionaries on the US Supreme Court.  All 3 of whom are ethnic Jews (Ginsburg, Breyer and Kagan).  It takes 5 out of the other 6 justices to stop their views from prevailing on any given issue.

At this juncture, we might ask of the skeptics:  Is it at least theoretically possible that the outrageous actions of some Jews serve to provoke so-called anti-Semitism?  Or, is “anti-Semitism” a smear, a canard that is used to stifle, deter and suppress criticism of the Jews and their nefarious actions?

There is, of course, an important distinction to note here.  Social revolutionaries believe the current system, current culture is too sick to be fixed and must be destroyed so that a new system can replace it.  (Classical Marxist-Leninist thinking.)  Social reformers seek to remedy the injustices within the current social system without completely destroying it.  If these Jews were grounded in any authentic morality, they would be the latter and not the former.  They would be social reformers and not revolutionaries.

Perhaps the most troubling assertion in the book is the author’s claim that Israel and the Jews were behind the terrorist attacks of 11 Sept 2001.  That 9/11 was a “false flag” operation that led to many expansion of government power (freedom restricting) laws being passed under a compliant President Bush is indeed terribly disturbing.  (There are many “conspiracy” theories as to what happened on 11 Sept. 2001 and how the Twin Towers were brought down, and about Building 7’s mysterious collapse later in the day.  The only thing we can say with any certainty is that the official story the public was given has many serious problems and cannot be the whole truth.)

From their individual actions and their collective behavior, we could say the Jews conduct themselves by 2 rules:  The Jews come first, and nobody else can even come second.  (After all, that is what the Talmud teaches.)

Previously on this blog, we noted that Christian Zionists (or Judeophile Christians) are effectively useful idiots for the Jews.  We can only hope that some of these folks wake up to the serious threat that organized Jewry poses to Christian civilization before it is too late to save.

We include an insightful quote from the book here that is worth pondering.  The author is speaking of the antinomianism movement.

The Sabbateans are part of the antinomianism movement, which also infects Christianity.  . . . .  In the case of Christianity, the idea goes back to Paul’s teaching that salvation could be achieved by faith alone.  Divine grace relieves the believer of the obligation to obey the moral law.  Holy living is not necessary, according to this view.  Of course, this idea could lead to anarchy and immorality.  Unfortunately, it is a common view in the United States today.  – page 111.

Thus, many Christians fail to live authentically Christian lives.

Lastly, can you name any “conservative” radio hosts (national or regional) who are not pro-Israel?  (We exclude the rare radio personality that is only available on short wave radio.)  Jewish control in America is much greater than most folks realize.

other relevant posts or resources

We saw this piece on another blog last week.  It deals with the Jewish revolutionary spirit and makes good, thought provoking reading.  (The blogger posting this piece says he is a decent Jewish person bothered by the actions of other Jews.)

the Jewish revolutionary spirit

Reaching deeper back into history, the following blogger (on a little known blog) asserts that the Semitic religions have all been corrupted by successive waves of Turkic invaders over the millennia starting as early as the time of the Jewish captivity in Babylon in the 6th century B.C.  Here is one of his posts on this thesis (or assertion):

All Middle Eastern Religions were replaced

Another recent post by this same blogger addresses Jewish banking and money lending since ancient times.

banking from Babylonian captivity to the Rothschilds

Here is one of many posts or articles on the Internet addressing the origins of the eastern Jews or Ashkenazim.  As well, there are works by Jewish authors on this topic (The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler, 1976, for example).

The origin of the eastern Jews

Thanks for reading.

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  1. There are many “anti-Semitic” (sic – Jews aren’t even Semites, just another LIE they tell constantly) talk radio shows out there, but none of them are “syndicated” (meaning they are owned and controlled by Jews). Small wonder there. My personal favorite in this category is

  2. Thank you very much Larry. I appreciate your serious efforts.
    Let me add one more piece in human puzzling history.
    Scythia in Central Asia was huge civilized land and nation neighboring to Turkic groups in Mongolia. Scythians became the first victims of Turkic raids and enslavement.
    From Scythia the Turkic groups with their Turkified slaves and wealth they spread into three directions.
    1- West to Volga and Don rivers and to Eastern Europe in 700 BC where they created European Scythians, Sarmatians, Cimmerians, Caucasus, and Thracians (all Slavs and Balkans)
    2- South to Afghanistan and north India where they did the same and created new stock around 700 BC.
    3- South-West to Iran and Mesopotamia where they created subjugated the Iranians and after 100 years created Persia in 550 BC.
    The Caucasian and Persian branches of these Turkic groups together took over Anatolia, Levant, Arabia, and North Africa. They Turkified all the nations in these regions and destroyed their civilizations since 500 BC.

    1. Thank you, Tariq, for your comment. There is much that is not widely known to the peoples of the world.

      Some people assert that it was the Turkish influence over Islam that corrupted it and led to the subjugation of women to an extreme and the requirement that women be veiled in public. For sure, the Turks severely wounded Byzantium in the 11th century and that was one catalyst for the Crusades.

      1. Lack of knowledge about many great events in human history and present indicates obvious problem with academia, media, politics. and common sense.
        Dr M D Magee came near to my conclusions earlier. But he differs by not recognizing the Turkic roots; and that Judaism existed before the Captivity. So, mistakenly gives some legitimacy to Judaism.
        Jews are members of political group not followers of a faith nor an ethnic group. See his book “PERSIA & CREATION OF JUDAISM”
        Another revealing article is: “Why the JEWS Rejected JESUS CHRIST as the MESSIAH”
        Ironically, I have noticed that recently the Turkic groups are working to invent a mobilization against what they call “Anti-Turkism” (created a Wikipedia page on 18 December 2016‎).
        The myth of Antisemitism is now getting eroded, since the Semitic origin of Jews is becoming clearly false. Besides it is evident that the Jews are the only Antisemitic in the world.

      2. Yes, we have on this blog spoken out against the indoctrination that occurs at universities and colleges in the US. The purpose of education is to develop the critical thinking skills of the students. That is not what happens today in the nation’s institutions of higher learning. Those in academia do not want critical and independent thinkers. The Left desires “useful” idiots.

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