Zero Days: a documentary on cyber war and global security

From IMDB (the Internet Movie Data Base site), we have this blurb:

A documentary focused on Stuxnet, a piece of self-replicating computer malware that the U.S. and Israel unleashed to destroy a key part of an Iranian nuclear facility, and which ultimately spread beyond its intended target.

zero days info on IMDB



Last night, we saw this documentary on television.  If you get the chance, watch this less than 2 hour long video documentary.  The major takeaway is that in the 2006 to 2007 time period, a frightened Israel told the US that it would take unilateral military action against Iran over its enrichment of uranium (for possible nuclear weapons development) if the US failed to act to stop Iran’s nuclear program.  A compliant President Bush went along with a scheme to hack into Iran’s computers that control its centrifuges in order to destroy these.  (Centrifuges act to “enrich” nuclear fissile material by separating out the heavier isotopes of uranium that are needed for making bombs.)  The infamous Stuxnet computer malware was the product of a joint covert Israel – US effort.  Additionally, in this time period, there were assassinations of some of Iran’s nuclear scientists.

Think about that for a moment.

In order to prevent a war with Iran that the US would be drawn into, the US worked with Israel in this act of sabotage against a foreign nation state.  2 things of note: 1. US foreign and military policy is held hostage to the potential acts of Israel and thus does not serve US interests but rather the interests of a foreign state, Israel.  2. The Jewish males (including the men who run Israel), as others have said, are sexually maladjusted in that they always feel insecure and threatened when they are not in complete, total control of a situation.  They react defensively, even overreact when they feel threatened.  Seriously, in how many situations in everyday life are any of us in total control of a situation, or of the circumstances we find ourselves confronted with?

There has been blowback from Iran over these cyber attacks launched against it.  The US banking system has been targeted by Iranian hackers.  As well, the result of Stuxnet has been an increased determination of Iran to pursue its nuclear program.  A Pyrrhic victory for Israel and its US lackeys.

(An important point the documentary brought to light was that Iran only got serious in its quest to obtain nuclear weapons after the 1991 Gulf War (against Iraq).  When the leaders of Iran saw how quickly the US defeated Saddam Hussein’s large military, they decided for their security they needed nuclear weapons as an effective deterrent to the US and its military might.)

These types of aggressive actions (really acts of war) that Israel engages in are a legitimate cause of concern for the world community.  Israel destroyed Iraq’s nuclear facility in 1981 with the acquiescence if not approval of then US President Reagan.

The larger lesson for the world is that world peace is now hostage to Israel, a nuclear power.  (Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons was known even before the revelations of the Israeli, Mordechai Vanunu in the mid 1980s.)  With their so-called “Samson option” (not mentioned in the documentary), the men in Tel Aviv vow to take Europe and many Arab, Islamic capitals with them in destruction if Israel is to be destroyed in any future wars.  This is no idle threat as Israel has 400 + atomic bombs.

We do not want religious fanatics, such as the clerics in Iran, to have nuclear weapons.  But, neither do we want Zionist zealots to possess these terrible weapons.  Yet, they already do possess these.  The late President John Kennedy did not want Israel to acquire the atom bomb as he feared that would only serve to encourage others in the region to seek to acquire the atomic bomb.  A nuclear armed Middle East would be a major threat to world peace and security.  (A very troubling facet to all this is the unquestioning support of Israel within the US by our own homegrown religious fanatics.  What we call Christian Zionists or Judeophiles or eschatological Christians – those folks who actually desire the “end times” or “the Rapture” that they think would come as part of a nuclear Armageddon in that hellish part of the world.  These people are insane and appear to believe that collective suicide would somehow be a good thing.)

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