Pastor Jonathan Gentry is a passionate speaker who is very concerned with crime in the black community here in the US.

His classic line: “I am going to tell you what you need to hear as opposed to what you want to hear.” – is appropriate and describes his message well.

These 2 short videos on YouTube are important to consider.



This first video was in response to the rioting, looting and arson that erupted after Michael Brown was fatally shot in Ferguson, Missouri in August, 2014.  Approximately 6 minutes in length on YouTube, click here to listen to it.

an impassioned plea for blacks to change

In an earlier video, dealing with the Trayvon Martin case, we have this 3 minute long video speech.

Black on Black crime needs to stop

This man does force us to think about these issues in a different light.  As well, he shows us that the black community in the US is not completely monolithic in its thinking.

We may have to get a web cam ourselves and start posting short talks on YouTube.  It can be an effective means to getting one’s message to a wider audience.

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