some suffer in silence

Many people suffer in silence.  Many individuals are hurting now, this very second.

Pain, sorrow, grief, regret, heartache, depression, remorse, guilt, anxiety, fear, despair, etc.  Too often, persons keep these feelings to themselves, bottled up inside themselves invisible to others.

It may seem a trite remark, but it is poignantly true: That when you laugh, the world laughs with you.  But, when you weep, you weep alone.



Why do so many of us keep our pain to ourselves to the point that others are unaware that we are hurting?  Perhaps, we fear to admit that we are suffering because we assume others will think we are somehow failures or are weak.  And, yes, there is a certain vulnerability in admitting you have painful emotions to work through.  Yet, we all should seek help when we need it, rather than allow problems to compound and become even more difficult to deal with.

In today’s society, the cure-all for pain or problems seems to be pharmaceuticals or recreational drugs.  The message seems to be: If you are hurting, get a prescription (even if it is for an anti-psychotic drug that you may not need), or get high or stoned or drunk.  But, that anesthetizing approach is treating the symptoms and not addressing the underlying causes of the sorrow.  In a thrill seeking, novelty obsessed, superficial culture, for many persons there is neither the time nor the interest in looking deeper and facing tough problems.

Try to be aware or alert to those around you who may be suffering in silence.  In some cases, one person who cares and tries to help can make a big difference for the suffering soul.

other related thoughts

What of the crosses we all bear?  What of the terrible burdens those sorely afflicted have to carry?  For the abandoned, the unwanted, the maimed, the severely wounded, the terminally ill, and the severely handicapped, each day is a struggle to endure and pass through.

In this transitory, revolving door world, when in each and every second of every day and every night someone is being born and someone else is dying, there are also tragedies (large and small) occurring every second as well.

One may wonder if man was created for something better than suffering.  One may wonder if the suffering counts for anything.

One might also not be faulted too severely for wondering why men and women cling so tenaciously to that which is such a source of pain to them, namely, life.

It is a difficult process.  And, we have no profound insights to offer at this time.  It can and does seem to us, at times, that this world is a level of Hell.


Our feature image is of the early morning shadows cast on to the window blinds by the scaffolding outside of the building we live in.  This is an interesting effect as seen from inside.  There may be some slight optical illusion effects to be glimpsed.



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  1. Great post. We suffer in pain because it’s a feeling many of us grow up only knowing. I’m an adult survivor of childhood abuse and this post resonated in me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. There’s another possible reason for choosing to suffer in silence; in certain martial professions one has to learn to be comfortable with discomfort to be effective. ANY practice in honing that facility is useful.

    1. Yes. The importance of family is in play. It is best when people close to us help us. Society can be indifferent to, and remote from our suffering.

  3. And sometimes we are socialized into roles where we are expected to suppress our own problems in order to care for others, although the younger generations do not seem to have been taught that in the absolutist way elders were. Moms are nurturers not sufferers and the same goes for dads, parents are very limited in the emotions they can show to young children.

    If we all thought for a minute before we responded to others in anger? Maybe grouchy is really pain. Maybe something said wasn’t meant personally. If I focus on others it makes me feel better and it might make them feel better too.

  4. P.s. This was awesome and really is not talked about enough. More attention might help make things better..

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