critique of Protestantism part two: Christian Zionism and End Times (Rapture) prophecy

As noted in the previous post, Protestant Christianity differs significantly from Orthodox Christianity and from Catholicism.  There are aspects of Protestant Christianity not found in these other, older branches of Christendom.

Christian Zionism is a relatively recent phenomena among some Protestant denominations and among some non-denominational Christians.  For our purposes, Christians who unquestioningly support the modern state of Israel and who believe that Jews are still the “apple of God’s eye” and thus are worthy of their support in all matters can be considered Christian Zionists.  As well, these Christians do not believe they ought to attempt to evangelize Jews (both secular and religious Jews) as these “chosen” people are still governed by the Old Covenant.




We would humbly point out Christ’s command to go and teach all nations (all peoples, Jews and Gentiles).  Jesus’ new and everlasting covenant superseded the Old Covenant and thus the Old Covenant is no longer valid.  Bear in mind that Christians believe that Jesus came in fulfillment of the Scriptures.  Christians actually should attempt to evangelize the Jews.

Protestant Christians, and indeed most Catholics and many Orthodox Christians (Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, etc.) need to be educated on 2 important points about the Jews of today.  1. Those Jews that actually are religious (many ethnic Jews are atheists) follow the Talmud and not the Torah.  The Talmud contains many verses that are vile and viciously anti-Christ, and anti-Christian.  Thus, the love affair that many Protestant Christians have for Jews is a rather one-sided affair.  Christianity did not develop out of what modern Judaism is (which is Talmudism, a modern form of Pharisaism).  2. The Ashkenazim, or eastern Jews (roughly 90 per cent of all Jews in the world today), are not descended from the ancient Hebrews or Israelites.  They are descended from a warlike Asiatic tribe (Khazars) that converted to Judaism in the 8th century of the Christian era.  So, the modern Jewish claim to an ancestral homeland in Palestine is not valid.

But, you may say that Christians have a Biblical mandate to defend Israel.  (I actually heard that on a Christian radio program about 10 years ago by no less a public figure than Jay Sekulow.)  But what is the “Israel” that you are referring to?  With Christ’s new covenant, the Christian Church (also open to Jewish converts) is the new “Israel”.  Christians have a responsibility to defend the Christian Church (which also includes the responsibility not to bastardize its teachings).

Christian Zionism is a bizarre and misguided twisting of Christianity and does feed into end-times prophecy for many Christians.

We can recall that Billy Graham in one of his televised “crusades” spoke to the concern about the “end of the world” that many people have.  He said that when you die that is the end of the world for you.  His point was that we ought not waste time and energy worrying or fretting over the end of the world.  Instead, we should be living a faithful, loving life and thus be prepared for our own individual death that could come at any time.  We may not live to see the end of the world but as individuals we are mortal and are sure to die one day.

Many Christian Zionists will justify their support for the modern state of Israel as helpful to the fulfillment or unfolding of Biblical prophecies concerning the “end times”.  Who truly is qualified to interpret end times prophecies in the Bible (found mostly in the Book of Revelation, but there are some verses in the Old Testament that some look to)?  It may just be that for some Christians hoping for a rapture or the “Rapture” to occur in their lifetimes acts to mitigate their fear of experiencing death.  If one is raptured off this earth while alive, one will not have to endure the experience of dying.  It is hard to understand the motivations of the folks who buy into this end-times theme.

Whatever the motivations, time and effort expended on promoting the idea of the imminent end of the world is time and effort that is not directed to spreading the Gospel and performing faithful and loving acts (recall the 2 commandments of Christ).

moral of this essay

It is the Protestants that promote this Christian Zionism and End Times (Rapture) prophecy nonsense.  We do not find this coming from Catholics or the Orthodox Churches (Greek, Russian, etc.).  This gives Christianity a bad name so to speak in today’s world.  Christians of all traditions and churches need to live their faith out not by supporting atheistic or Talmudist Jews, not by blathering on about a hoped for “Rapture”, but by spreading the faith and performing loving, constructive, charitable works to make the world a better place.  We wonder what God thinks of foolish humans speculating about the end of the world (or trying to hurry Him along in His timetable) and not truly living out their faith in any substantive manner.

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  1. I am an Episcopalian, but I will say that it is extremely difficult to throw all Protestants into one pot. We are very different in our practices and beliefs from Baptists (who seemed to be involved in much of your essay) who are very different from Presbyterians, Methodists, etc. All of those things you mention, the interpretation of Scripture, canonization and the many many differences in Theology are the reason why we have so many different Protestant denominations. I happen to agree with a lot of what you say and I think you sound more like an Episcopalian than a Catholic. That is not an insult, where I live it does not matter. We have all three Jewish sects also and they are fully accepted. I was a little puzzled by the rest of the essay since I don’t hear much about the end times or Zionism. But, I really enjoyed this.

    1. Thank you for your comment. My point is that Christians ought not be wasting time and anxiety over the “end-times” and ought to be concentrating on living a Christian life and on evangelizing non-Christians. As well, Christian Zionism is erroneous and needs to be shunned. These errors are not coming from the Orthodox Churches (Greek, Russian, Serbian, etc.) nor from Roman Catholicism.

      Yes, we cannot lump all Protestants together, I get that. But, so much of the confusion in Christianity in these times is coming from Protestant Christianity, sorry to say.

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