views in the fog

Some may think these scenes are beautiful.

But would these be beautiful scenes if there were no one to observe these?  Without consciousness, sentience, perhaps beauty is empty and meaningless.  In a human context, inner beauty can exist even when no other humans recognize it or appreciate it.

While finishing up my undergraduate studies at university, I took a philosophy course (or class) that dealt with beauty and art.  There were diverse arguments or postulates that our perception and appreciation of beauty were, or could be, either objective or subjective.  One could take his or her pick of which position to adopt.  Such over thinking seems to be characteristic of the West since the times of ancient Greeks.  In the East, with a touch of zen, the direct perception of beauty would simply be experienced, enjoyed and savored in the immediacy of the moment.

Here, at land’s end in San Francisco last Sunday, we capture this scene of overcast sky, trees and sea.




A simple image next, where trees are emphasized.



A final look at this natural setting.



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