houses in evening sunlight

A low angle sun can produce some interesting effects in photography.  For example, when on holiday in the desert, regardless of the season, the colors of the landscape are more alive, the various shades and subtle hues are accentuated in the early morning and again late in the day.

We present the following images in the order these were captured a few nights ago while on an evening walk in our neighborhood.  The summer sun is low in the western sky and its less intense light seems to soften the pastel colors of the stucco and wood houses.  Subjectively for us, there is an eerie, mysterious appeal to these scenes.




Now, looking back the way we came, we see this scene.



In these next 2 pictures, we again focus on the row of houses along the south side of the street bathed in evening sunlight.



A final look.  The buildings make for a static scene, but we observe that pedestrians and autos do enter and leave the view through the camera lens.



A closer look at these homes in the fading, yet enchanting sunlight.



Directly opposite the yellow house, that at some point was extended upwards for another floor of living space.



In this final image, we see red roof tiles atop a textured stucco exterior of this corner house.  At midday, this scene would not look so appealing.



The sun slips away, the summer passes, life moves on.  Savor the moment.

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