There is fake history and there is forbidden history.  We only present the reality of the dilemma here.  But, we encourage readers to do their own research so that they can reach informed conclusions for themselves.

What if the people we know as “Jews” are imposters?  Would that not mean that these people are not “the apple of God’s eye”?  And, would Christian Zionism be seen for the sham that it is?  Check out this post from another blogger.

Tarig Anter on Protect & Reinvent Democracy

The History of Israel and Judaism Debunked The History of Israel and Judaism Debunked

The world has been fooled and manipulated for 3500 year by fake tales inserted into human history, academia, media, politics, and religions. This situation cannot and must not be allowed any more. Without any doubt truth will prevail and trying to maintain, dodge, and defend fake history, dishonest academics, corrupt politics, and distorted religion are doomed to failure sooner or later.

The world will know and admit that the Hebrew Israelite are nomadic Arab tribe, (Hebrew=Ebri=Arbi=Arab). They took refuge in Ethiopia and they had never went to Egypt during its glory.

(Note: My Facebook account (Tarig Anter) is now phished immediately after I posted this article on it. My attempts with Facebook is still failing. I guess this article hit the undeniable truth.)

Here are a summary of the main falsehoods in the history of Israel and Judaism; plus a brief of…

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