a work of modern art: individuality lost in the hive or the colony?

Of course, the interpretation of modern art is subjective and is often influenced by what the viewer wants to see in it.  As well, unconscious factors likely affect our individual interpretations of works of art.

We present here some pictures from our visit yesterday to the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco.




This work was on display in an area for taking a break and chatting with friends away from the main exhibition halls.

In such structures, would there be a loss of human individuality?  Would humans be like bees in a hive or ants or termites in an insect colony?  The art is in cut away fashion (see images below) so that we can see the inside of these structures.  Imagine, in your mind’s eye, these same structures fully enclosed.

Perhaps my interpretation is all wrong.  These dwellings could be like cliff dwellings and open on one side to air and sky.



Another view of this art work model of a human settlement.



Another area of the model or art work.



Perhaps, what is intended, if there was intention to convey meaning or a “moral of the story”, is that people can live together harmoniously.  But, we must remark the homogeneity of the figures which show no evidence of diversity of any kind.  Then again, the whole work is in one bland color so this remark may not be warranted.

The large, over sized “rooms” tend to minimize the presence of the human figures.



Another view.



There was certainly some skillful craftsmanship demonstrated in making this art work.



Another area seen here.  The work does have elements that suggest surrealism.  (But, we are social critics, not art critics.)



Yet another view here.



In areas, the work challenges, if not overwhelms, the understanding of the viewer.



A final look.



copyright 2017 – larrysmusings.com

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