views of a church in summer sunshine

While walking to the Museum of Modern Art on Saturday, 29 July 2017, we were able to capture these images of a church in San Francisco.




We took another photo of this side, the rear, of the church.  It seems we may have caught a little glare from the mid day sun high overhead at about 1:00 p.m. (which with summer time or daylight savings time is the zenith for the sun in the sky).



About a minute or two later, we took these pictures of the front façade of the church.



Impressive brickwork is visible in this old building.



There is some symmetry in the front façade with entrance doors at either end of the building.



We stepped inside the church via this next door.



Out of respect for the inside of the church and as parishioners were praying a rosary this Saturday afternoon, we did not wish to use the camera while inside.  This next photo was taken accidentally when we knelt to say a brief prayer.  This is St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on Mission Street.  The inside of the church is in the more traditional architectural style of older churches.



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