The sun is taking away your life, each and every day as it traverses the sky overhead.  That is how some people view the passage of time and of one’s life in this flawed world.  Time is fleeting.  It may not be of notice to long-lived stars and galaxies, but man is painfully aware of time and its unceasing, inexorable flow from the present moment into the past.  One might say that time defines man – at the very least it is a limit, a constraint that he cannot avoid or get around while on Earth.

We individuals are like fragile bubbles of consciousness bursting and fading away after a brief moment in the sea of time.  Whether you believe that consciousness continues on a spiritual plane of existence or not, you know that your time on this material plane is short.  Thus, it is our individual responsibility to make the most of each moment in terms of living a constructive and loving life.

The sun may be thought of as taking away our life, but it also provides the energy necessary for life.  Bear in mind that photosynthesis supports the base of the food chain.  As well, physicists tell us that the heavy elements in our bodies were forged (fused) in the nuclear furnaces of now long dead stars.

The following pictures were taken in early February this year in Jaipur (northern India) at the Jantar Mantar.




Arriving with the tour, we see this view of the grounds.



We wanted to include this additional pic as it features a cow in the scene.




At this site, the Jantar Mantar, there are various astronomical instruments and sundials.



Sundials are found on the grounds of some cemeteries.  Yet, the dead are beyond the reach of time.

Another view with a hint of the low winter sun at the edge of the image.



A marker explaining one of the instruments.



One of the instruments.



Another view with sunlight striking part of the instrument.



A final look.



This monument may be referring to the constellation Libra and its place in the zodiac.



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