This reblogged post challenges the reader to consider that what is being reported as “news” is a corrupt and distorted narrative.

We saw on France 24’s English news service (on television) today an interview with a female professor from the University of Virginia (located in Charlottesville). She used the term “Nazis” to describe the “peaceful” protestors unhappy with the removal of historic statues in their city. This is obligatory. Anyone who dissents from the politically correct cultural Marxist paradigm and its agenda must be smeared. And, that is the way it is with the mainstream media in the Western world. Political correctness has gone too far. And, “news” is more and more perverse propaganda.

The Spruce Tunnel

(Wow –  a hardcore narrative is forming now over the events I watched today.  which tells a story  opposite of the portion I witnessed earlier today.      The politically correct way to talk about  this lawful protest is to  emphasize  words like “nazi” and “white supremacist”   and “violence”  and “hate” and “bigoted”   — and to absolutely leave out the thousands of black and white American citizens who are protesting the eradication of their own history.   The reporting is so muddled.     The character of the events will change.    The victims of the counter-protestors are finally fighting back a little, so now they can be made to look like the agitators.    The victims of Hate are being called the Haters.    This hardcore counter narrative is strong!)    


(No photos.    You will see this later and be told a different story by our (leftist) media groups, but for now, …

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