Taken in early February, 2017, these are photographs of the Taj Mahal in Agra (northern India).  This mausoleum is as readily recognizable and as well known as the (much older) Pyramids of Egypt.




In the haze, we see this iconic building.  The impressive design has an almost timeless quality to it.



In the series of pictures that follow, we will move closer to the building and the haze will thin to give more impressive images.



This site is a popular tourist destination for both foreign visitors and for Indians.



Another view.



The beauty of the building dominates this next view.



Visitors take in the view.



A pool of water leads the eyes to the Taj Mahal.



A time for taking pictures.



A visitor to the site must appear in at least one picture with the monument.



In part two, we will present some images of the rear of the complex and other views.

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