man poaching animals to near extinction

This poignant photo is on display at the California Academy of Sciences located in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  It is one of many photographs in the “BigPicture 2017” section on the ground floor.  During our visit today, we snapped a pic of this photo.

It is very sad that an elephant was killed so that humans could make stools out of its feet.  The elephant and various species of rhinoceros are being poached to near extinction because of human greed (the international traffickers in the products from these animals), human lust and superstition (the erroneous belief that the horn of the rhino can be ground down and consumed as an aphrodisiac), and human vanity and pride (ivory for the handles of knives or daggers) and for other reasons that are hardly rational.  What a shame.  Needless to say, these practices ought to be stopped.  But, the problem lies with man.  Can he live in greater harmony with the larger world such that other species can survive into the future?  Stewardship and conservation are old concepts that need to be practiced more widely today and in the future.



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