buildings and spaces in between: some pictures

These various photos were taken while we visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in late July this year.  This is in the area of downtown where I worked back in the mid 1980s while a much younger person.  Although many (newer) buildings we now see were not there back then, there are several old buildings that still stand amongst their younger neighbors.

In this photo essay, we try to capture buildings and the spaces in between.




We like this next photo for its near and far and light and shade effects.  Here there are buildings and spaces in between.



The building complex reaches skyward as the thin clouds pass by overhead.



Here is a photo that contrasts the orange brown brick with the white surface of the building.  Different surfaces, different textures.



Through glass, we aim upwards to capture this view of nearby buildings and air space between.



Through a window, we look down to see an art exhibit that also overlooks the street and a nearby building.



Looking up at an old office building, we wonder how many people have worked in this structure over the past several decades it has been here.



In this next image, taken through the glass, we see rooftop in the foreground with distant tall buildings and blue sky in the distance.



An image here that features near and far, light and shade, building and open space.



Later, we share views of this same scene from higher up.  Here, we can get a glimpse of the street with cars appearing very small in the distance.  The spaces here are in shade and provide a break from the summer sunlight.



This image will not be put on to a post card, but it is nice for what it shows both near and far, and what is in light and what is in shade.  We are surprised at the crisp colors in the photo.



Part of the museum complex, we see this open air area that shows living greenery attached to a wall of the adjacent building.



A happy visitor enjoying the experience on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in late July.  The tall buildings and the narrow streets produce areas of shade even in the early afternoon of a mid summer’s day.



A painting in the museum shows an urban landscape with spaces and buildings.



At the level of the museum’s restaurant, we have this rooftop open space with various views.



Through the glass, we see old and new buildings both near and far with hints of the spaces between these.



In this pic, we see a reflection in the glass (on the right) of the buildings seen on the left.  This terrace like walkway was a nice space from which to take pictures.



Crisp, sharp colors make this a memorable image.



Looking west in this photo, one sees the One Post Street building (Post at Market Street) in the center.  To the right, one sees the Bank of America building that is in the distance on Montgomery Street in the heart of the financial district.



A bright, deep blue summer sky with new construction scraping the sky.



Another view of the same area focusing in on the smaller buildings between the office towers.



A crisp, clear shot down the shadowed street between the buildings.



An impressive old office building seen now from a different angle.  In San Francisco, as in many American cities, there are old buildings next to much newer buildings,  One can see many periods of architectural design (or style) represented throughout the downtown area.



There might be a travel agency in this building.  The windows are being used for advertising popular tourist destinations.



This image, captured through a glass window, has some interesting visual effects (thus, it was not discarded).



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