Sunday morning: street and sky

After 2 consecutive 100 + degrees (Farenheit) days in this coastal city, we captured these images shortly after sunrise of the 3rd day of the heat wave.  Smoke from distant forest fires had made its way to the coast.  This bad air helped produce impressive sunsets for the prior 2 evenings.

The normally busy street is eerily quiet after a balmy night.  The city’s natural air conditioning of the sea breezes and fog had gone on holiday for this weekend.




We share these images in reverse order to how these were taken.  Thus, this next view was taken a moment earlier.



In these 3 images, and perhaps more so in this last example, we see the effects of low angle sunlight that is filtered through a cloudy, smoky sky.  The otherwise bright pastel colors of the houses are muted in this subdued light.



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