9/11: We will never know the truth

About the only thing one can say about the official story of the events of September 11, 2001 with any degree of certainty, is that it cannot be the whole truth.  There are too many problems with the official story for it to be the whole truth.  No, this is not a post to promote so-called “conspiracy theories”.  Rather, this is a short essay that questions why the US government will not tell its citizens the whole truth.  Could it be that the US government and its various intelligence services are so inept that these do not know and cannot ascertain the facts in the case?  Alternatively, could it be that the US government and its intelligence complex cannot allow the whole truth and all the inconvenient facts to come out, to be made known to the public?  Or, is a third possibility a combination of ineptitude coupled with the need for secrecy?  Are there dark forces behind the scenes at work here?



Clearly, we cannot definitively answer any of the above questions.

We will very likely never know the answers to the above questions.  A government that touts democracy and freedom for the rest of the world, but cannot be accountable to its own citizenry is very disturbing indeed.  Will there be future death-bed confessions or revelations to provide some answers for us?  One observes that there have been many untimely deaths of witnesses to the WTC collapses in the several years following September, 2001.

Consider that each of the towers that were hit by airliners consisted of one half million tons of steel and concrete.  Why did these towers collapse into their own footprints such that: there was very little damage done to surrounding buildings, the pile of rubble and debris that ought to have been several stories high was not very tall, and there were such massive, thick and rapidly expanding dust clouds that were visible from the very start of the downward collapse of each tower and are not normal when tall buildings collapse (where there is a relatively small amount of the mass of the building pulverized to dust)?  As well, from the basement garage of one of the towers the overhead blue sky was visible after the collapse.  Why did WTC building 7 collapse symmetrically several hours later?  An interior fire caused that collapse?  A fire in a high-rise office building rarely causes a symmetrical collapse of the entire structure!  One might think that fragments of rest room toilets or file cabinets or office furniture would be found in the debris and rubble at ground level post collapse.  Did you hear of any such artifacts?  The crime scene – remember these “attacks” were acts of mass murder – was very quickly cleared by the government and forensic evidence was thus lost forever.

Take your pick for explanations here – whatever suits your fancy.  Pre placed explosive charges in the towers and alien technologies are asserted in various “conspiracy” theories.  Be skeptical, yes.  But, can the official story really be the whole truth?  Without government transparency, we are left to speculate and that is all we can do.

other related thoughts

Back at that time, when “regime change” was touted for Afghanistan and later for Iraq, the thought occurred to me that it would be better if there were regime changes in both Riyadh and in Tel Aviv.  Almost all of the hijackers had been Saudi nationals, and Israel knew of the coming attacks (if not, why were Jewish workers at the WTC told to stay out of the office on that fateful day?).  There are some that do assert that 9/11 was a joint operation of Israeli and Saudi intelligence services.  “Who benefits?” is a valid question when considering America’s reaction and policies since September, 2001.  The Middle East and North Africa are more of a mess and less “stable” (a relative term when applied to those regions) than these were prior to September, 2001.

(As an aside, after the deadly bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995, the ADL (Anti-Defamation League, a well financed Jewish pressure group in the US) committed a Freudian slip when it said that those in the US who are anti-government are anti-Semitic.  The reader can connect the dots for him/herself.  We still have photocopies of the relevant ADL placed newspaper pronouncements from 1995 in our file cabinets.)

Christian Zionists (numbering tens of millions in the US) cannot bring themselves to look objectively and rationally at Israel and its actions.  They are too busy trying to bless Israel so that they will be blessed (as it says in the Old Testament).  Religious fervor needs to be governed by reason.

Muslims who keep trying to spread their violent ideology which masquerades as a religion will be rejected more and more by the non-Muslim world.  If you Muslims do not reject your murderous violence, there can be no “common ground” with you (despite what some ivory tower old religious fools may think and assert to the contrary).

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  1. Facebook is Fighting Europeans and Islam for the Jews
    Facebook blocked me on 12 Sept. 2017, for 7 days, 30 minutes after I posted this comment on a post by: Malik Umar, on a public group called: “The American Deplorables”:
    [The USA, Europe, and Africa will be liberated from Turkic Jewish and Europeans (Whites) are most welcome and respected].
    Yes, I said this and I will keep saying it again and again because this what I believe the truth and many believe. Europeans (Whites) are welcomed and respected but the world will free itself from Turkic Jews.
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    Мартин Коневски – Martin Konevski – (martin.celzi) (Macedonian), Admin, Added by Димче Ѓуров on September 27, 2016
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    Researching and discovering information about slavery in Africa, Europe, Asia and the world are really mind blowing and will lead to the history of corruption in the so-called universal religions, which are actually imperial Turkic forgeries to the genuine local religions and universal faith.
    Facebook is too biased against those who are supporting Trump. And they are liberal pro Jews and furious from revealing the Turkic-Jewish connection to terrorism and militant Islam. http://wp.me/p1OEJz-1kX

  2. So sad. Someone I know also claimed that “Jewish workers at the WTC [were] told to stay out of the office on that fateful day”. So I made them copies of the (very preliminary) lists of names of victims with the stereotypically Jewish names circled. And even that early on, there were so very many of them, as many as Irish names. To me it was like old New York in microcosm, with all the hopeful immigrant families –who never dreamed their descendants would be murdered en masse by savage Muslims with their own barbarous agenda. Too bad your irrational anti-Semitism blinds you to the murder of your fellow citizens.

    1. “Too bad your irrational anti-Semitism blinds you to the murder of your fellow citizens.”

      Pray tell is it “irrational anti-Semitism” to point out the bad actions of those who claim to be Jews? And, please if you are a Christian Zionist, I have heard it all before.

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