Chapel of The Holy Cross in Sedona

This Catholic chapel sits atop a butte on the outskirts of Sedona, Arizona and commands some good views of the surrounding landscape.  The chapel, completed in 1957 and now a famous landmark, is a very special, quiet, peaceful and inspiring place to visit.  Here are our images from our visit on Wednesday, 20 September, 2017.  We try to give the reader the full experience in photos.




Driving up to the chapel, one can see these rock formations (in the glare of the sun this morning).  The middle formation was for some persons suggestive of a mother and child (perhaps Mary and the infant Jesus).



There are shuttle carts to take visitors up the hill close to the chapel.  After getting off the cart, we walked the rest of the way to the chapel.  The nearby rocks and scenery are impressive and we share a few photos of this area.



Now, with the sun behind our shoulders, we capture the colors of the sandstone free of glare.  The path in the foreground winds up to the chapel grounds.



Winding closer to the chapel, we see these rocks from the path.



Across the valley from the chapel is Cathedral Rock (seen here) which we hiked up after our visit to the chapel.



A decorative angel or saint near the chapel.



A closer look.



Looking back, we see these colorful rocks in the late morning sun.



The entrance to the chapel.



A memorial plaque.



Information about the chapel behind glass.



A view from the entryway.



Another view.



The interior seen here.  The building is not very long.  We see the large cross that is built into the frame of the building and is seen more clearly from the outside.



Closer now to the altar area, one can see the artistic crucifix.



Votive lights or candles abound near the entryway.



Another area of candles.



Off to the side on the left near the entryway, there is a stone staircase to go down to the gift shop.  It opens at 10 each morning.

Going back outside, we see the following scenes.



Flowers growing outside the building.



The stone these planters are resting upon is likely local sandstone.



Enjoying the peace and beauty of this area.



Another view of other distant buttes and rock formations.



Following the path down to the parking areas.



If you are in the Sedona area, do visit the chapel as it is an uplifting experience.  There is no admission fee, but donations are welcomed.

A final look back at the chapel.



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