Hillary: moral arbiter or buffoon?

There are some women who many of us do not want to play moral arbiter for the nation because of deficient competency.  One is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Jewish social revolutionary (with an ACLU background), placed on the US Supreme Court by President Bill Clinton in 1993 (replacing then retiring justice Byron White, a level-headed jurist).

Another woman who ought not play moral arbiter for the nation is Hillary Clinton – given her lack of common sense and her decades long record of personal and professional corruption and ethical violations.  She is not competent to play moral arbiter.

Have you heard any of the remarks (and read any of the tweets) Hillary has made in the past 3 days in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre?

Hillary is exposing herself for the fool that she is.  Even some of her ardent supporters from last year now have cause to pause and reflect about her competency to be President.  Donald Trump is far from perfect, yes.  But, I cringe at the thought of this Hillary being President; what a living nightmare that would be.

Hillary you are not President of the country.  And, you never will be President.  Kamala Harris, the junior US senator from California, is likely going to be the nominee in 2020.  She will motivate the black folks to turn out and vote in the next presidential election.  And, that is one of the main reasons you lost in the electoral college last November.  Blacks in Philadelphia and Detroit and Milwaukee and Charlotte did not turn out for you like they did twice for Brother Barack.

Hillary, why not give it a rest, and go quietly into the night?!  Are you so ego-maniacal that you need the spotlight on you at this time of national shock, grief and mourning?  Kindly stop lecturing us with your progressive dialectic.

You are actually hurting the “progressive” (really regressive) cause.

Our feature image is of a work of art in the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco.  (Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.)



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  1. The only thing I heard from HRC concerning las Vegas was her tweet on ‘what if he had a silencer?’.

    I now a lot about…not silencers, but suppressors. And I know that had the maniac been using one it would not have made any difference to anyone, though his hearing might have been damaged a bit less.

    To get just a little bit technical, using a suppressor on a weapon that fires a supersonic round isn’t very effective. The bullet’s going to make a sonic boom, and the gases that escape from the action when the spent case is ejected are noisy too. If the action’s locked – as it would be with a bolt-action rifle – it’s bit better, but the sonic noise will still be there.

    A suppressor acts as a ‘silencer’ only when subsonic ammunition (of very limited range) is used, and in that case you CAN trim down the noise to something like a pellet gun. But you’re limited to fairly small-caliber rounds. And for optimum effect you still need to lock the action, which makes rate-of-fire drop dramatically.

    Back in the day we used suppressed .22s to…well, do various things. But they were only ever a single-use tool.

    Hillary’s an idiot, talking about things of which she has zero knowledge.

    1. She is carping about gun control and blaming the other major party for not restricting guns. The sad fact is that background checks will only stop individuals who have a past history of either criminal behavior or mental illness. A person without such a history is likely not going to be stopped by such checks. As well, there is a black market for guns in the US. A determined individual can get guns illegally. Thus, more gun laws make libs feel good but do nothing to stop these types of shootings. We do not want to live in a police state, Hillary. Law abiding gun owners resist registration of guns as that is a step towards government confiscation.

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