antelope canyon part one: “chrome”

Located on the Navajo Reservation, this famous and increasingly popular natural wonder is only a few miles from Page, Arizona.

We will offer two parts to the photographic record of our visit there on Saturday, 23 September, 2017.  This first part will share the pictures taken in “chrome” mode.  The second part will offer our images that were taken in natural (or without any enhancement) mode.

A stunning view here.




We opted for the more “adventurous” tour of the Lower Canyon.



Crisp colors and a play of light and shadow make for an impressive image here.



Walking through the canyon, we capture this image.



Another scene.



An “explorer” on holiday.



Layered rock above us.



Another look upwards.



Another gap in the rock walls of the slot canyon.



Interesting view here.



Continuing the tour through this slot canyon.



A narrow part of the path with rock swirls around us.



Curves and colors.



A joint or natural seam in the rocks.



Fantastic views as in the sense of fantasy like.



Looking upwards as the sunlight filters down.



Another nearby view.



Ultimate reality?  Inspiring scenes.



In a hurry, this shot is the result of a shaken camera.  It is somewhat intriguing though.



The mid-day tours are crowded but do not detract from the experience.  Colorful rocks here.



Light and shade provide contrast in this pic.



The “chrome” effect accentuates, even exaggerates the orange color in this image.



Rock shapes, colors and textures.



The tour guide took a picture for us here.



This next pic shows the latter part of the tour where one can see the sky above.



Another view looking up.



A colorful scene here above the pathway.



A vertical view of the same scene.



Looking back the way we came.



They call this feature the Sea Horse as the light from above, framed by the canyon walls, gives an outline suggestive of the sea creature.



Another look.



Ascending now, we glance back and down.



The final views are quite bright as more sunlight is streaming down upon us.



A surreal mix of colors, shapes and textures in these final 2 views.



Ascending from the netherworld with memories that will persist for a long time.



copyright 2017 –

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