the need for positive reinforcement

Always expecting so much from others and even from ourselves, we often fail to value or appreciate the good already present in others in our lives.  Demanding much from those around us, close to us, do we thank them and praise them for what they give of themselves?

The sad fact is that people too often fail to give positive reinforcement to those close to them.  Siblings in competition with each other for the attention and praise of their parents often tear each other down verbally.  Demanding parents scold the pupil who gets high marks because he/she failed to get a perfect score.  Spouses require (expect, demand) so much from each other, yet fail to show adequate respect and appreciation for the sacrifices and efforts of the person they married.

The failure to value those around us can do serious damage to these persons.  Some more sensitive individuals may be driven to despair and depression if endless demands are heaped upon them over time.

Here is a thought.  When your child brings his/her report card home, do not berate him or her for failing to get perfect scores.  Instead, offer praise for the good progress and good marks he/she did earn.  And, make the commitment as a loving parent to spend more time with them in their homework, or at least take a greater interest in their school activities.

If we fail to invest our love, concern and precious time in the relationships with the persons close to us, we have cheated them.

Let us remember to value others for who they are and for what they bring to our lives; and let us strive to bring good to their lives.

Our feature image was captured out on the street on Saturday, 14 October 2017 in San Francisco.



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