bridge and dam

The highway crosses the river gorge in front of the dam on this bridge (seen here from below).

Location: Glen Canyon Dam, near Page, Arizona.




We can see the canyon walls and clouds above and behind the dam.



Continuing to shoot at a steeper angle, we begin to catch glare from the mid day sun on 22 September, 2017.



The narrow highway bridge high above the river seems to cross the sky in this image.  The bridge is called the Glen Canyon Dam Bridge.



One of 2 major concrete dams on the Colorado River, Glen Canyon Dam (completed in the 1960s) is up river from the Grand Canyon.  The older Hoover Dam (completed in the 1930s) is down river from the Grand Canyon.  Both dams produce hydroelectric power.  (At Hoover Dam, the highway runs on top of the dam so there is no bridge at that site.)



In this closer view, we see clouds that seem to rise from the waters of Lake Powell behind the wall of the dam.



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