So many pressure groups in the public square carrying signs and shouting or screaming for and about “rights” – can we make any sense of this?

Are we groping for the truth here with blurred vision?




So, where do our rights come from?

Not from government.

Our natural, true rights come from God.  (Yes, a revolutionary thought in this depraved age.)  Our natural rights do not come from the social engineers and/or revolutionaries sitting on courts.  Do not let yourself be deceived about this.  If current legal rights conflict with, or are in contradiction to natural rights, these legal rights are counterfeit rights.

Governments, and those individuals who make up the government, can only affirm, protect and defend our natural God-given rights, or trample upon these rights.  But, governments do not and cannot create rights, true rights.  Legal rights flow from our natural rights and to be authentic must not conflict with natural rights.

other related thoughts and questions

Can a moral evil ever be a “right”?

This question hints at the larger question of whether there are moral absolutes.  To find these moral absolutes, man must look outside of himself.  Can flawed (if not fallen) atheistic man come up with a moral moral code?  We think not.

Be careful who you listen to or seek counsel from as there are, sad to say, many “Christian” apologists for some of the great moral evils of our time which are currently promoted as “rights”.  Not wishing to offend anyone, they run from the truth.

Freedom requires personal responsibility.  Much of this blather about personal rights is essentially a demand for the acceptance (and societal approval) of licentiousness (even when it harms others).

If we allow government to give us counterfeit rights and trample upon our true rights as it enforces the current statist paradigm, we will rather quickly move towards a new Dark Age.  Open dissent, criticism of government abuse of authority, and civil disobedience will be proscribed.  Independent thinking will be dangerous, and true freedom will not exist.

When considering such topics and questions, do our thought processes truncate, and leave us in darkness?



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