it’s not good

in the hood

where we stood


I’m in your face

about my race

do ya know your place?


don’t ask me to make

a wedding cake

’cause I don’t bake

make no mistake

my name ain’t Jake

but I can be a snake

everything is fake

for Heaven’s sake

we get what we take


Sista, you gotta big butt

but you ain’t no hoe, no slut

but you can duck

and start to suck

or just maybe

we’ll make a baby

but I better sell my stash

of crack and fine hash

before your daddy

calls me to play caddy

before you know

I’ll blow


life’s not good

in the hood

where we stood


I wish we could see

beyond our knees

in the dark night

we fight

with guns and knives

the survivors get high fives

we cap

those who rap

black on black

don’t mean jack

we smite

the white

’cause race

is our ace


you think you cool

but you a fool

Obama, oh bama

did nothin for your welfare mamma

section eight

ain’t so great

it’s our fate

to be bait

but, it’s too late


life ain’t good

in this here hood


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