New York: liberal social engineering turns deadly

Sayfullo Saipov (if that is his real name) intentionally killed several persons yesterday in New York.  This young miscreant arrived in the US several years ago from Uzbekistan so we are told on a “diversity” [sic} visa.  The diversity visa program is a lottery like system to allow individuals from non-Western countries who have no family ties at all to the US to enter the country.  The legislative history for this program goes back to 1990 and has the fingerprints of Charles (Chuck) Schumer (when he was in the House of Representatives) and the late Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy all over it.

This young man obviously did not assimilate into our society.  The sad outcome is that people are dead and others are maimed and wounded that otherwise would still be alive and in sound health.  The question for some of us is: why was this allowed to happen?  Or, why are such individuals allowed into our country in stark contradiction to common sense and prudent judgment?

The answer is that for today’s liberals, “progressive” ideology trumps innocent human life and national security.  Liberals and progressives with their willful stupidity and disconnect from reality are enablers of these terrorists.

Sadly, low tech terror attacks (acts of mass murder) are becoming the new norm in Europe.  Now, sorry to say, this could be true for the US.

Eight dead in New York.  How many more?!

after thought

Liberals and Muslim fanatics want the same thing: the world must be remade to conform to the requirements of their respective ideologies.  And, for these people, the ends justifies any means.

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  1. This is really a sad incident. Such things are taking place all over the world. I completely agree with your view point.
    These terror attacks are killing innocent people only for there fake ideologies.

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