100th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution

The most significant and important secular event in 1917 was the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia as it would have terrible worldwide effects for decades to come.  The most significant supernatural event in 1917 was the series of apparitions in Fatima, Portugal of the Virgin Mary.

According to the Portuguese children who witnessed these apparitions, Mary warned that revolutionary Russia would spread its errors around the world.  Consider that the USSR was the first officially atheist nation.  As well, the USSR was the first country to legalize abortion (which was also pushed by the “Republicans” (sic, really communists and violent anarchists) in Spain in the 1930s).  We guess the communist logic runs something like this: since there is no God, there is no intrinsic worth or value to human life.  The State is all (effectively a substitute for God).

We now have the benefit of hindsight to see that the warning was correct and the best outcome for the world would have been the turning back of the Russian revolutionaries, the defeat very early of Bolshevism which is the enemy of Christian and Western civilization.

What many do not know is that the Russian Revolution is also known to many as The Jewish Conquest of the Slavs.  Not all Jews in Russia were communists but most (by some accounts, 80+ per cent) communist leaders were ethnic Jews.  As well, Bela Kun and his murderous regime in Hungary in 1919 was largely Jewish.  The leading anarchists and revolutionaries in post World War One Germany were Jews, too.

It is beyond the scope of this short essay to address the psychopathology of revolutionary Jews, but we note that Jews are possessed by a revolutionary nature and they certainly do act from this nature.  We see this plainly in America where the Jews in political and judicial positions are frequently pushing – often in the name of “rights” – to undermine the Christian morality and traditions of the country.  The same is true for revolutionary NGOs operating in the US that are funded and/or are led by ethnic Jews.  Let us not overlook the money coming from wealthy Jews (like George Soros) that funds the organizing of and training of the punk thugs that fill our streets under this Antifa banner.  (One may justly query:  Who are the real fascists?!)

Communism committed many horrific crimes against humanity in the 20th century (The Holodomor in the Ukraine, 1932-33 for one).  Most of us know that when the Bolshevik Jews were in power in Russia many millions (by some accounts, 30 to 40 millions) of Christian Slavs died cruel deaths there.

We must never forget.

We must never forget.

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