Single Women – Men Secretly Wish It Was Harder to Get In Your Pants

For single women who are “sexually active”, here is a thought provoking read from 2015. As well, parents take note, we need to do a better job of raising our daughters in these times.

All Things Bright and Beautiful


Last month, I was going through my jeans to see which ones were going to make the “fit” for my post preggers body.  I thought this photo was fitting (no pun intended.  And the sweet baby boy is just hard to resist!  But really, this is another “harsh ugly truths” post for any single women out there actively in the dating market.

Men don’t want you to be an easy woman.  In other words, men are very disappointed when you’re too fast to become sexual.

Not all men feel this way, obviously, men are fine with using women (if the woman lets them) for sex or booty calls – without even being in a legit relationship.  As I’ve written before, men view sex differently than most women, however, it’s a universal truth that when they are looking for a LTR (Long-term relationship) they explicitly do not want…

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