A good post here from another blogger. At it is Veteran’s Day in the US today, we wonder about what we have been told of wars and about what we have not been told. Abridged history is not the whole truth.

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There is one event in history that stands above all others, one event that is repeatedly, unceasingly portrayed as the most heinous crime against humanity. The story of this event, as with all propaganda that paints reality for the masses, has solidified over time into settled fact that cannot be denied. And for those who dare question the official narrative, or contradict it with facts and truth, well there’s a law for that. “Holocaust denial” is currently illegal in 16 countries, with a number of others utilising broad laws against so-called hate, racism and/or genocide denial to encompass “denial” that six million Jews were systematically exterminated during World War II.

There are, of course, no laws protecting Christian and other genocides throughout the world. Indeed, there’s very little awareness of the extent of these genocides or those involved in perpetrating them. Not only do our anti-education systems focus entirely on…

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